I Really Love Zombies

I am a huge fan of everything zombie. Zombie books, zombie comics, zombie movies. I love, love, LOVE them all. Everyone who knows me, knows I love zombies. So imagine how thrilled I was, when, for my birthday last year, the gorgeous and brilliantly talented graphic artist I work with, Ana Mlinar, made me this zombie birthday card:

happy birthday zombie

It even kinda looks like me

Isn’t it awesome? I was thrilled beyond words! I hung it up on the wall by my desk, and there it still hangs. Recently, Ana gave me some exciting news. She posted my birthday card on a website called DeviantArt, a site where artists share their work. Well, a gentleman by the name of Joseph McCullough contacted her and asked her if he could use the picture in a book he had written! She gave him permission, he got his book published and sent her a copy as a thank you!! Congratulations on being published, Ana!!!

She let me borrow the book to read. It was a pretty good book. As I was reading, I was checking out the other art works included in the book and OMFG! There were pictures in there by CHARLIE ADLARD!!!!!!

If you don’t know who Charlie Adlard is, crawl out from under whatever rock is on top of you and walk into your nearest comic book store and ask, beg, plead for The Walking Dead.

We’ve written about TWD before, here, here and here. Why you still don’t know about this is beyond me.

In any case, my birthday card is in a book along with Charlie Adlard’s work. Isn’t that the bestest thing ever? I can now die a happy woman.

Of course, I’ll come back as an even happier zombie.

*** Just in case you all think I’ve lost my freakin’ mind about this zombie stuff, check out this video by Sears as well as this link to their website. Hysterical and brilliant. I wish I’d thought of it. Now tell me zombies don’t rule!

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