We Need To Talk

I’ve been contemplating what to write about for the last couple of days. I had a couple of options and was leaning toward a rant about the utter uselessness of one-ply toilet paper. Then 2 things happened that got me thinking about a totally different and completely serious subject. I’ve been hesitating to post it for hours now. We don’t usually do serious.

The first thing:

I watched Glee last night. I admit, it is my guilty pleasure. I normally make fun of people who watch that “type” of programme. You have, not that you need it, my permission to mock me at will. The episode was about spirituality. One of the main issues was a gay student’s belief that God does not exist. He brought up the point that most religions wouldn’t welcome him because of his sexuality and that “God makes me gay and then makes his followers go around saying it’s a choice…”

The second thing:

I watched a news report this morning about a “church” group protesting in Washington. I used the quotes around the word church because this group seems to be mostly comprised of one man’s family members and because, while they use the term Baptist to describe themselves, most Baptist organizations/associations/groups/churches reject them outright. They picket against gays in the military at soldiers’ funerals.

So, the one-ply toilet paper rant gave way to thoughts of spirituality, religion and morality. I don’t want to lead a crusade or start a debate or render judgement. I was vaguely raised in the Protestant religion by my Lutheran mother, my father is Greek Orthodox, I live with a Catholic (although he’s recently converted to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster) I have several Jewish friends, some of my extended family are Jehovah’s Witnesses. One of my sons, due to a mix up, was even baptized Anglican. I’ve had friends, coworkers, and schoolmates of nearly every possible religious background.   

So, I keep thinking about spirituality, religion and morality and I am saddened by the lack of decency, common sense, logic and moral ethic exhibited by the people who protest at the funerals of the very people dying to preserve their right to protest. I am saddened for the families and friends of these dead soldiers who are forced to face hatred during their grief.

I don’t care what anyone believes in. I am just infinitely saddened when people hate and hurt in the name of their higher power of choice.

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  • Thank you for not writing about toilet paper Nicky. That’s my area. I have an unfinished rant on bathrooms to post in the coming days. Just got to find time to squeeze it out.
    Someone commented here the other day that they thought a post written by Mike was written by you. Mike told me he was going to be posting something tonight so I came over to take a look. I was very confused at first thinking Mike was a closet Glee fan.
    I figured it out by the fourth paragraph.
    I am disappointed that you are a Glee fan.

  • Brookeamanda

    Nothing wrong with getting deep:) By the way, I LOVE this song and often wonder what happened to Joan Osborne (and is she related to Ozzie?)

  • Call me simple, but I do sort of care what other people believe in. Especially when they’re wrong. And you and I know when that is.

  • i was perusing google news earlier and saw a short 1:30 video of a father who had just faced this very thing. people holding picket signs that read god loves dead soldiers… plus an assortment of other venom (that’s just the one that was the cruelest IMO)

    i’m saddened right along with you. it’s like these people have black holes inhabiting the space where there heart should be

  • Cardiogirl

    Speaking of Joan I wonder if she’s still wearing that nose ring that makes me want to *yank* it right out.

  • Cardiogirl

    I saw that story on CNN yesterday while I was working out. It’s disgusting. Naturally the protesting group is covered under the First Amendment. I agree that we should all be able to speak freely but why can’t we be accountable for what we say.

    This went through a few different courts, the soldier’s family won until it was reversed by a third court because the “church’s” First Amendment rights were violated.

    It really is a sad day when nothing is sacred.

  • They had so many signs that were just plain nasty. The father of one slain soldier they picketed is suing them. I hope he wins and I hope he bankrupts them. Does that make me as spiteful as them?

  • Grr.Why won’t Disqus acknowledge my gravatar?!

    Uh. Disqus? You’re making me look like a jackass.

  • I wouldn’t dream of calling you simple 🙂 You’re right, of course. It’s not that I don’t care, I just believe they have the right to believe what they want even though I completely disagree with them. It would be so much easier if everyone on the planet would just do what I told them 🙂

  • Every now and again, I do have a profound thought or two. Thankfully, they tend to pass quickly!

    I think Joan Osborn is the illegitimate love child of Ozzie and Joan Baez. Don’t quote me on it, though.

  • I type faster than Mike so I posted first. He’ll be around soon.

    Fourth paragraph, hmmm? Been drinking?

    I am just disappointed.

  • i don’t think so. someone needs to send a message. just because you have a right… shouldn’t give you the right (if that makes any sense at all)

  • I have no idea what Glee is, and I don’t think I’ll mind staying ignorant on that matter. But I do agree with you wholeheartedly. I was raised Lutheran and believe in respecting and accepting every human being for what they are. Everyone has the same human worth, no matter what your sexual preferences are, or what your religion is.

  • That’s it in a nutshell. I like to take naps, so you can have the first shift as monarch.

  • LOL! Thank you, I’ll keep the throne warm for you!

  • Makes perfect sense to me!

  • I’m really disappointed to hear the decision was reversed. Excercising one’s First Amendment rights should not equal exercising malicious behaviour.

  • Anonymous

    I think Joan Osborne is still alive and well. I’ve got a couple of her CDs.

  • Anonymous

    I hate one-ply toilet paper. I hate Glee (sorry). And I hate those happy ass-wipes who haven’t an ounce of tolerance. What the heck is goin’ on in America? (I mean that in a general societal sense. I’ve got nothing against most Americans. And we’ve got some folks just as bad here, north of the border.)

  • Exactly! And I am baffled by people who believe in God, believe in creationism but think that God (or Allah or Yaweh or Jehovah or Supreme Wind or whatever name you call your higher power of choice) doesn’t see the value in one of His creations. At the very least, do they not see the unbelievable pride and ego they display when they presume to speak for Him?

  • No need to apologize Noname! I feel like I should be begging forgiveness for watching it 🙂

    I don’t know, intolerant people like this are everywhere it seems. I’m just dismayed at how it has become ok for them to kick their fellow man when down, all in the name of the Lord and their constitutional rights.

  • And pony up for some two-ply, while you’re there…

  • Wow. First of all, I’ve never seen Glee. Second of all, there is a new commercial with women basically talking about how their hand won’t go through a particular brand of TP as they wipe – WOW. And third? My Uncle was buried at Arlington. During the funeral, tourist stopped, walked up (as we were crying) AND TOOK PICTURES. The funeral director angrily shooed them off, as they were still taking pictures. Your story is far worse. And disheartening. I sometimes wonder where this world is truly going.

  • What isn’t good is that some rabid jackass is protesting at US soldier’s
    funerals and disturbing people in mourning, That said, of course I do
    know we have freedom of speech and I think the Supreme Court made the
    right determination in this case.

    We cannot pick and choose. Oh, we can with our friends, but with our
    constitution, it is what it is… or what the Supreme Court says it is
    in any case.

    I’d rather have a 100 unwanted and ugly things said and protected than
    have a country where censors choose what can or cannot be voiced. We
    pay a price for it, but it is better than the alternative. That said,
    you’re right to swing your arm ends at my nose. And screaming “Fire” in
    a crowded theater is not protected speech.

    I’m saddened that idiot have the same rights as sane people, but it
    seems they do.

  • I’m actually more hooked to Jane Lynch’s character, Sue Sylvester, than I am to the rest of the show. I admit, she slays me!

    I apologize if this is TMI, but my hand goes through one-ply toilet paper BEFORE I wipe!

    My heart goes out to you and your family! That’s absolutely awful behaviour to have to deal with during an already awful time! Sometimes people are just plain stupid.

  • You are right, freedom of speech is, and should be, an intrinsic right for every human being. And I totally agree that we can’t pick and choose, but I just feel we’ve also become a little too complacent about not holding people accountable for their actions. Walking around with a sign that says “Thanks God for killing fags” during the funeral of a soldier seems to me as violent and hateful as walking up to that’s soldier’s family and punching them in the face. I don’t believe they should not have the right to their voice their opinions, but there are lawsuits all the time for mental anguish or harrassment – why, and maybe more importantly, how is this any different?

    I’m glad we finally found a way to get your comment up. Until we (and by we, I mean Alex and Mike!) figure out a way to resolve this problem, keep emailing to us and we’ll post them.

  • Sweet child of mine, I want you to correct my typos in case we do this again. If it had been me at the soldier’s funeral, I would have busted the sign carrier’s noses and waited to be arrested. I doubt there is a judge or jury that would fault me for it. And this is working fine today! It’s fixed! Praise the Lord! (Or whomever you want to praise. Maybe it’s Praise Mike!

  • The Supreme Court is hearing the case now. It seems like they are looking for ways to side with him, but the first amendment issues are looming large.

  • First of all, LOVE Glee. The things people do in the name of God must have God wishing he’d quit on Friday when he was ahead and taken the whole weekend off. These soulless bastards need to be pelted with dog shit.

    FYI, if you want your video to fit, just change the width in its html (or whatever it’s called) at the top and bottom to 430.

  • Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. If YOU love Glee, I no longer feel the need to apologize! I kind of imagine God as the ultimate parent: loves his children but is totally dismayed by their inate stupidity and the likelihood they’ll never really amount to much.

    Thanks for the video tip! It worked 🙂

  • LOL, I promise to wear my editor’s cap next time! I know you would have dispatched that group of idiots in a heartbeat and I can totally picture you being carted off in handcuffs…but then, I know your penchant for handcuffs! 🙂

    I’m so relieved you’re able to comment again, although I hesitate to praise Mike – he’ll develop a superiority complex!

  • Maybe it’s just a question of perspective, but I really don’t see this as a first amendment issue. Yes, they have the right to express their beliefs, but hasn’t this crossed the line and become hate mongering, or harassment? When a man tells dirty jokes and makes suggestive comments to a woman at work, is he exercising freedom of speech? It is generally accepted that this behaviour is sexual harassment. I see picketing at a gay soldier’s funeral as religious harassment.

  • I believe one of the issues they’re looking at is when does the right to free speech trump the right to privacy. The Supremes seem to be looking very hard for a way to side with this guy. Even that asshole, Scalia.

  • It’s before the Supreme Court now. You can bet that every single one of those zealots is a Republican. It amazes me that some people still cannot see how the GOP has been hijacked by hate-mongering nut cases like these.

  • OMG. I am addicted to GLEE. I love that show so very much! And, I am with you on the one-ply toilet paper issue. It’s USELESS. Much like you I am always saddened by what other hatefully do in the ‘name of god’.

  • It’s nice to know I’m not the only one watching Tuesday nights 🙂

    I don’t even understand why toilet paper companies bother to manufacture it! What’s the point?

    It’s a wonder He doesn’t just smote us all and try again with other, more intelligent creatures. Maybe opposums, or snails.

  • It’s nice to know I’m not the only one watching Tuesday nights 🙂

    I don’t even understand why toilet paper companies bother to manufacture it! What’s the point?

    It’s a wonder He doesn’t just smote us all and try again with other, more intelligent creatures. Maybe opposums, or snails.

  • 🙂

  • Mikewj

    I like Glee, but not the singing parts. Mostly Jayne Lynch. I’m tired of religion. Not God. Just religion.

  • Thank God, not religion, you’re back! And Jayne Lynch kills me 🙂


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