A Cheese By Any Other Name…

…is still a cheese. Just not the right cheese.

Without further ado, here are the names of all nine cheeses on our cheese platter, starting at the top, dead center, and moving kind of clockwise :

  1. Mozarella
  2. Camembert
  3. Ash-covered goat cheese or Chevre
  4. Process Gruyere wedges (Swiss Knight)
  5. Oka
  6. Cheddar
  7. Boursin with herbs
  8. Danish Blue
  9. Brie

And our winner is *drumroll*…


With 6 out of 9 right, the very cheesy Dozo just managed to edge past BonyMike , Linda ,  and Ziva (who sure knows a lot about something she supposedly hates!), who all guessed 5 correct cheeses. Dozo, if you would be so kind as to email us your address, it will be our pleasure to send you your prize! Congratulations!

Now, just because you didn’t win doesn’t mean you have to go away empty-handed. Our lovely calendar is still available through our Cheese Shoppe and, until Thursday, you can even get $6 off by entering the promo code “VTRNSDAYSALE”!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. It was a lot of fun for us, and I hope for you as well.

And CardioGirl, I hope you’re not too disappointed 🙂

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