A Cheese By Any Other Name…

…is still a cheese. Just not the right cheese.

Without further ado, here are the names of all nine cheeses on our cheese platter, starting at the top, dead center, and moving kind of clockwise :

  1. Mozarella
  2. Camembert
  3. Ash-covered goat cheese or Chevre
  4. Process Gruyere wedges (Swiss Knight)
  5. Oka
  6. Cheddar
  7. Boursin with herbs
  8. Danish Blue
  9. Brie

And our winner is *drumroll*…


With 6 out of 9 right, the very cheesy Dozo just managed to edge past BonyMike , Linda ,  and Ziva (who sure knows a lot about something she supposedly hates!), who all guessed 5 correct cheeses. Dozo, if you would be so kind as to email us your address, it will be our pleasure to send you your prize! Congratulations!

Now, just because you didn’t win doesn’t mean you have to go away empty-handed. Our lovely calendar is still available through our Cheese Shoppe and, until Thursday, you can even get $6 off by entering the promo code “VTRNSDAYSALE”!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. It was a lot of fun for us, and I hope for you as well.

And CardioGirl, I hope you’re not too disappointed 🙂

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  • Could you please explain to me how you could possibly have sex with cheese? Because M is away today and I’m dying to know!

  • The International Court of Justice hasn’t gotten back to me yet. I’m sure they will, though, they take matters like this very seriously.

  • But I thought you trained away your gagging reflex years ago? I’ll see about the calendar.. I still think it would be better if I won it. I’m just saying.

  • Jepeto

    Your nuts are low? 🙂
    You are right, brother, i got crazy a little bit. Your son plays Hockey? You should move to Canada, well Quebec, indeed. I still got room on my curley team (underground league, hush hush). I would gladly serve CardioGirl a knuckle sandwich, but ya know she’s a woman after all, chivalry stills exists. I’ll sucker-punch Nicky in the ovaries instead. Fair enough?

  • Jepeto

    Wrap number 3 in plastic. Sheesh. Or number 1. Ouch. All that talent and no imagination…

  • Jepeto

    Oups. Comment above for Ziva’s lack on cheese sex-drive.

  • Jepeto

    Duck Mike! Take cover! FIRE IN THE HOES!

  • So the plastic, that’s for contraception, right? Because it’s really important it’s safe, I can’t have any mistakes before I’m married.

  • Jepeto

    You don’t want a cheesy baby? What about givin birth to a big roll of Gouda? You can call it Bree or Chowder. Yes the plastic is for contraception, but eh! you don’t have to throw it away after your done, just put the cream on a toast. Deeeeelicious! um, i guess.

  • That’s it. You’ve reached a new low in disgustingness.

  • Oh for the love of Cheese, get off the freakin’ computer!

  • You are. An. IDIOT.

  • Seriously. Get back in your cage. Now.

  • Jepeto

    damn! do i have to go back to my cage again?

  • Jepeto

    But baby…it is just practical…i mean…baby…

  • Jepeto

    Looks like morse code.

    To my. Cage. I return. Don’t. Forget. Bananas. Love. You. Houhouhaha.

  • Mikewj

    Call me–it’s too complicated to explain here. But it’s good, trust me. I can still remember a Boulette d’Avesnes that I shared the night with in a French country inn near the Belgian border back in ’93. She was a spicy little number, but the burn felt good. Very good.

  • Mikewj

    Is this a porn reference? Conversely, is there anything that isn’t a porn reference?

  • Mikewj

    You kids should kiss and make up.

  • Mikewj

    Jepeto made me laugh out loud. Almost nobody makes me laugh out loud. I think Jepeto should get some extra time out of the cage tonight. Unless by “in the cage” you mean….well, anyway, I like Jepeto.

  • Jepeto

    Hey she started it! 🙂
    And i did this for you my bruder!
    Ok, ok…make up time…wait…humph…gagagagaga…*plop*. Ok all done.

  • Mikewj

    Aw, that’s sweet, Jepeto. Any photos?

  • Jepeto

    I live to give.

  • I just LOVE cheese, it almost beats out my love of ice cream as my top edible. Now that platter is a thing of beauty, off to the fridge now for some……………….

  • (Here I am….three days late and a wedge short of a wheel. Oy!)

    Thanks, BonyMike! Did being Canadian help? No – I actually had no idea there were cheese mongering Monks in *farts* Quebec, unless of course they are masquerading as the Bloc – o – cheese.

  • Ash covered goat cheese. Really? ASH? And goat cheese …. yup, it tastes like ash to me so I guess that whole thing fits?

    Oh but the brie… the BRIE… I hear angel’s singing!!

  • Mikewj

    Then live and live fully, my friend.


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