I Needed An Intervention

This fall, I had to face a very unpleasant truth. I was an addict. I was a functional addict, true, but just barely. I was just barely managing to hold on to my relationship with Jepeto and the kids, not to mention maintaining schoolwork and my job. Ok, so maybe my job and the chances of losing it weren’t factors in my decision to straighten up. Whatever. The point is, I had a problem. I had become a blogoholic. I’ve put together a list of definite signs of what I’m now calling G.L.ö.G.G (Going Loco över bloGGing), so you may also determine if you’ve crossed the line:

  1. you’ve used the words “blogoshpere” , “blogiversary” and “blog buddy”
  2. your dream vacation is a blogging conference
  3. you write about poop
  4. during conversations with people in real life, you talk about your friend *insert name here* when you’ve never even met *insert name here*
  5. you know your Alexa ranking but you don’t know your spouse’s middle name
  6. you mentally compose blog posts during work meetings, dentist appointments, conversations with friends, outings, Christmas dinner, weddings, funerals, parties, and in your sleep.
  7. you want an iPhone, even though you HATE them, just so you could respond to comments at all times
  8. you resent the things that interfere with your blogging, like your job, your family, eating, sleeping and  showering.
  9. you Google weird things like “huge crack whipping cream” and “sucks monster moose cocks” just to see if your blog ranks above porn.
  10. a drop in page views has you bedridden for 2 days

Realizing you have a problem is the first step in your recovery. Yes, you can recover from G.L.ö.G.G. It’s tough, but it can be done. I, myself, have overcome this debilitating condition. For example, because of American Thanksgiving this weekend, our traffic suffered terribly. Instead of immediately locking myself in my bedroom for a 48-hour intermittent-sleep-and-cry-a-thon, I spent the weekend doing housework and crying, with only 2 short 4-hour naps each afternoon. See? There is hope.


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