Name That Cheese!

Ok, everyone! It’s time for our much anticipated SECOND CONTEST EVER! All you have to do is guess the nine cheeses on our cheese platter! Simple, right? The person to guess the most correct cheeses wins. In case of a tie, the person who provides the most detailed correct answers wins. For example, let’s say there is a smoked Havarti on the platter, if one person guesses Havarti and another guesses smoked Havarti, then smoked Havarti wins. No, there is no smoked Havarti on the plate. And that’s the only clue you get!

Now, I hear you yelling “But Nicky, WHAT do we win?!” Why, only the most awesomest cheese calendar ever! That’s right, WWFC has it’s own calendar (made by the brilliantly talented me)! These calendars are currently for sale on our brand spanking new “Cheese Shoppe” page, but you have the opportunity to win one and be the envy of all your friends!! This breathtaking calendar features a different cheese recipe for every month of the year, including the WWFC favourite Killer Chocolate Cappuccino Cheesecake! Succulent, savoury cheesey recipes, the kind that could turn even the most hard-hearted, cheese-hating Finn into a cheese lover!

This contest will end on Tuesday, Nov. 9 at exactly 7 pm (Montreal time) and you can comment as often as you like, but you only get ONE guess!

Now, without further ado, here are the pictures of our cheese platter:

Click to biggify

So much cheese, so little time

Special thanks to Jepeto for braving the torrential downpour to bring you this awesome cheese plate. And for holding the platter up. You're a keeper, baby!

Good luck to everyone!

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