Saturday Night Filler

The last time I had supper at my parents, they were telling me about this great play they saw.

“You’d like it”, my Dad said. “They had some Flamingo players in it!”
“Dad, you mean Flamenco.”
“Flaminco. Whatever. Anyway, you play guitar so you should see it.”
“Well I don’t play Flamenco, but whatever.”

I poured some wine for the table. “What play did you guys see anyway?”
“Don something something.”
“It was Don Quixote”, my mom says as she smacks my dad in the arm.
“Ah, Don Quixote”, I said. “I read that in high school. Was the performance ‘Quixotic’? Get it? Quixotic? haha!”
“Actually, it was very chaotic. The main character goes crazy.”
“No, I said QUIXOTIC.”

Blank stares. From both of them.

“Thanks parents. Way to ruin a great joke.”


“Look. People sometimes use the term ‘quixotic’ to describe impulsiveness, which derives from Don Quixote’s actions as described by Cervantes in the original story.”
“Oh, forget it. Just look it up on Wikipedia.”
“Is that on the Internet?”
“Yes. Pass the potatoes.”

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