It Really Is A Wonderful Life – Part One

Last night was my company’s Christmas party. I haven’t really been feeling the holiday spirit, especially at work. All week long, everyone else was talking about what they were going to wear, how they were going to do their hair, etcetera, etcetera. When asked, my response was “I dunno, are sweatpants or pajamas ok?”.

So yesterday, we closed up shop early in order to give everyone plenty of time to purty themselves up. I came home and ate some lasagna. Then I checked my email. I read some blogs. I stalled. Eventually, I stopped stalling and decided it was time to check out my closet for really classy sweatpants or pajamas.

Seeing as I only had an hour to shower, shave, fix my face/hair and get dressed, I knew that I would have to make due with whatever I had available. I had effectively stalled myself out of any last minute shopping spree for a new and fabulous dress.

Would anybody but me remember I wore this last year?

I immediately went to a little black number that tends to be my “fallback” plan.It’s simple, slimming, with a mandarin collar and is pretty much acceptable for most occasions. Then I realized I wore it to the Christmas party last year. Damn. I continued to rummage.



Too big, too blue, too…yuck. Aaaargh! Why, WHY did I say I would attend?!

Too form fitting and I have too much form these days. Also, why the hell do all my dresses have spaghetti straps or no straps?!

Hmmm. Pretty. But it’s not long enough to wear with just pantyhose. Need pants. Or a skirt. Which? Fuck it. Never mind.

Kinda low cut. Too slutty. Even for me.

Floor length?! Not a freakin’ chance.

Ta-da! We have dress!

Then I found it. It was hidden way in the back of my closet. I had only ever worn it once, years ago and then forgotten about it. Classic style, in my favourite colour. This was it. And I could wear my leopards with it. Perfect.

In the end, I didn’t need to shop for some fab dresses after all. I went to the party, got lots of compliments and didn’t have a miserable time. At one point, I stepped outside for a smoke. It wasn’t cold cold but rather, nice cold and it was snowing, lightly, but full, fluffy flakes. The kind that you see in movies, when the family wakes up on Christmas morning. I was in Old Montreal, with it’s gorgeous architecture and Christmas lights and wreaths  up and down the street and on nearly every building and big, fluffy snowflakes falling. People were walking by, holding hands or carrying shopping bags, smiling.

Suddenly, life wasn’t so bad.

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  • You look absolutely gorgeous in your dress. Alex had to point out to me that you had a pillow in the photo behind you on the couch because for just a moment, I thought you were in a ooompah looompah type dress. It is not an oompah loompah dress. It is a darling black dress on a gorgeous woman and it works just perfectly. Still, when you come, we are going shopping.

  • Perfect! And with leopard shoes — totally rockin’. So glad you purty’d up and got in the spirit. It’s fun to dress up now and then.

  • Ha! I remember about the not so cold cold – if it’s snowing, it actually feels warmer somehow!

    Beautiful classic style dress with a touch of devilish leopard! Sounds like you to a “T”!
    (Gawd, I hope I don’t have to edit this … and my apologies for ‘puking’ all over the last post here – gah!)

  • Mikewj

    You look great, Nicky. Truly.

    I think the short one with pantyhose (red or green for the season) also would’ve been nice, not to mention amusing.

    More than anything, I find the last two paragraphs the most interesting of all. I love those rare moments you described so well. Would like to have one soon, in fact. That floaty, magic, connected feeling…nice.

  • Thank you love! Hmmm, I guess I shouldn’t have posed wearing a black dress in front of a dark brown chair with a dark brown pillow on it! Didn’t even notice that…Alex has a keen eye. And yes, when I get there we are definitely going shopping 🙂

  • Thanks Jayne, dressing up can completely change your mood. I actually thought of your post about your gold birthday dress while I was searching my closet. I need a dress like that.

  • Yup, it may be the only good thing about the snow…it warms up!

    Thank you Dozo 🙂

    No edit or apology necessary!

  • Thank you 🙂

    Let’s just agree to disagree on that one, shall we?

    Floaty, magic, connected feeling…that’s a good way to describe it. I hope you have one soon, too. It is a nice feeling.

  • I actually thought the dress had a fur trim around the thigh area. Tiny as you are, you could get away with such a thing, but it’s not a fur poof to draw attention to your svelte thighs, it’s just a pillow. At yesterday’s party, Mary took a photo of me that looked like I was wearing a Tiffany Lampshade hat. So cute. NOT.

  • I’m sorry but I couldn’t find a bad dress in the bunch. Even the summery one appealed to me.

  • LOL! And you didn’t post it?! Hahaha, I’m sure if anyone could pull off wearing a Tiffany Lampshade hat, it would be you! 🙂

  • Thanks Sandra, I know they really aren’t as horrible as I made them out to be (well, except for the fuscia one!). I just wasn’t really in the mood to get dressed up at that point. Once I was, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. 🙂

  • Well, sweetheart, the important part there is “if any could”. Nobody really could.

  • What are you doing up at this late hour?? Go get some beauty sleep!

  • Not late here, early! It was about 5:30 am when I replied. I was up, trying to get ready for work, but the mind was willing and the body was weak!

  • So pretty…. How come you have no hands, though?

  • Thank you! Lemmikki, the Lord, in his infinite wisdom, made us all unique individuals…some with greenish skin, some with no hands. He compensates for these peculiarities by bestowing extra arms or a really impressive rack. 🙂

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  • Mikewj

    I’m also curious about something. Who’s the depressed-looking flapper in the drawing behind you?

  • Mikewj

    Also, at those moments, I’ve noticed that everything seems very in focus and that you can hear every little sound, but in a good way. Right?

  • The drawing came with Jepeto. It is a drawing by Enki Bilal (sp?) who Jepeto tells me is the creator of several comic book series.

  • Exactly right!

    If I had the heart of a poet, I would have written about how it was just cold enough to put roses on your cheeks and how I could hear the muted music and the tinkling of glass from inside the restaurant over the sounds of traffic. When I exhaled, the smoke was silver from the glow of lights. I could smell the cologne of a man who walked by and I saw a girl smile at her lover. The world, or at least my little corner of it, seemed to exist more.

    But I’m not a poet, and it would have come across as corny, even though it did happen just like that. 🙂

  • I salute you for having more than one dress from which to choose! It’s been so long since I’ve worn a dress, I can’t even remember what any of mine look like!

  • Truth be told, I’ve owned most of those dresses for years! I don’t have that many “party dress” occasions, so I try to make sure my dresses are able to stand the test of time.

  • OMG I don’t think I have every seen you before and it’s no wonder Linda would switch teams for you! You are adorable and I really want to see the shoes now.

    Interestingly you look just like your avatar with your arms up.

  • OMG I don’t think I have every seen you before and it’s no wonder Linda would switch teams for you! You are adorable and I really want to see the shoes now.

    Interestingly you look just like your avatar with your arms up.

  • Silly Jen! Of course you’ve seen me before…you won a fondue set because you guessed who I was, remember? LOL, have you been dipping into the bourbon balls? 🙂

    Thank you for the compliment, and HAHA, I didn’t even realize I posed just like my avatar! Damn, I wish I would have had some red sunglasses!!

  • Nope I sent all the bourbon balls off. I forgot all about that but that was
    just a head shot and this is a much more detailed picture. And you look
    exactly like your avatar!