It Really Is A Wonderful Life – Part Two

In case you missed Part One, I managed to make myself presentable for my company Christmas party on Friday night, and then had a moment where all the planets seemed to align just for me and I felt at one with the universe. I found the Christmas spirit that had been eluding me.

Part Two:

Now, as I mentioned, I have not been feeling Christmas-y lately. I had seriously considered running away for the holidays. I checked my Air Miles points to see just how far away I could run. Unfortunately, at this time of year, visiting some place like  California, the Bahamas, or even snowless Colorado  was out of the question. I could probably have made it all the way to *spits* Toronto, but I was trying to make the holidays better, not worse. Then Friday happened.

Now? Are we going to decorate it now? How ’bout now? No? Now? When? Now?

Saturday morning, the universe didn’t take it all back. Max let us sleep in until 8:30. He helped me tidy up the corner where our Christmas tree would go. Jepeto brought in the tree and we set it, crooked despite our best efforts, in its stand. We cut off the netting that held it all together, swept up the pine needles that fell to the floor and then waited for the branches to descend so we could decorate.

I put on some Christmas music. Jepeto tidied up the kitchen, Max played with his legos and Matchbox cars and I started folding laundry. Hardly a glorious vacation in an exotic location, but, somehow, it was nice. Jepeto joined Max and I in the living room and we actually slow-danced to “I’ll Be Home For Christmas“. How cheesy is that?

Finally, the branches had descended and we decorated the tree. Now, I’m somewhat militant about my Christmas tree. All my ornaments are blue, silver, white or crystal. Mismatched, multi-coloured ornaments strewn every which way is NOT how I roll. Now, I’m not criticizing anyone who decks their tree with rainbow colours. I’m sure their tree is lovely. In their house.

Damn my short 3-year-old arms! Closer Papa, closer! Suck in that beer gut and get me CLOSER!

But my weird holiday zen-ness even allowed me to enjoy Max placing nearly all the ornaments in one location, about 3 feet up and slightly right of center. I barely even flinched when he accidentally broke an ornament Jake had made in kindergarten. And I wasn’t even slightly perturbed when Jepeto brought out the red, yellow and green ornaments he had made as a child, and hung them on the tree. I admit, later that night, after Max went to bed, I did redistribute the ornaments but I left Jepeto’s childhood mementos in place.

So, no, I’m not on vacation somewhere magnificent like Spain, Italy, Greece or France avoiding all things Christmas. Instead, I’m in Canada, with my crazy, lovable Frenchman, and our human dynamo son, dancing to cheesy Christmas carols and dressing our tree and singing badly and laughing and being one with the universe.

Life is good.

Our final, less-than-perfect, Christmas tree.

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