Laurier vs Laurier

Sir Wilfrid Laurier was Canada’s first Canadian born Prime Minister. Him and his wife, ZoΓ© Lafontaine aka Lady Laurier, were married until his death in 1919.

What do they have to do with cheese? Not much, except for the fact that we recently happened upon two cheeses named for the two Lauriers. Clearly, they must have loved cheese to have a pair of soft cheeses named for them. But once again, who doesn’t love cheese?

So with two rounds of cheese in hand, it was clearly time for a little head to head for cheese supremacy.

If you couldn’t tell from his bald pate, Sir Laurier is on the left. That would leave us with Lady Laurier to the right. The cardboard packaging is easy to spot in a cheese lineup if you decide to hunt down these two icons of Canadiana at your local grocery store. Or, you can always contact Du Village.
Sir Laurier CheeseLady Laurier Cheese

We put together our cheese plate, both Lauriers side-by-side, accompanied by fresh sliced baguette. Sir Laurier is a little larger (he was PM afterall), where the lady is a little smaller and more elegant. Sir Laurier sports a washed rind, where the Lady is au-naturel. But don’t let that scare you. The Lady Laurier is made with real vanilla which gives it a fragrant aftertaste.

Both cheeses spread easily and had a full flavour. Not strong, but not mute either. Sir Laurier was a man who spoke his mind and didn’t pretend to be anything he wasn’t. That’s just the kind of cheese this is. But while both were delicious, we were easily won over by Lady Laurier. Neither of us could remember ever trying a cheese before that was laced with vanilla. Nice touch.

Laurier cheese plate

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  • Mike, now I am on a quest to find that Lady’s cheese. Laced with vanilla just sounds too wonderful for words! I must find this cheese even if I have to travel to Canada for it!

  • I think I’ll skip on the spreadable eupeimisms comments. The vanilla cheese, however, does sound interesting. I’ll bet it probably costs more than $5.00 though.

  • (that was supposed to be “euphemisms” – damn ‘Edit’ doesn’t work in some places)

  • Vanilla cheese must be tasted! If I remember correctly, it was around 7$ CDN.

  • (hee hee)

  • Come visit! We’ll hook you up with the Lady.

  • Okay, so I feel like I was in a bad “Twin Peaks” episode with the commenting all backwards and stuff.

    I doubt we’ll ever get that cheese here still, at about $7, it sounds reasonable (I only mentioned $5 because Laurier is on the CDN $5 bill, right? I don’t know – it’s been so long).

  • I really hope you are talking about the cheese here. Otherwise, “Ew!”.

  • (This comment was supposed to be in response to CheesyMike commenting to Cheesy …um, I mean Linda. Disqus sucks MMCs).

  • Fuck it.

  • What? No. NO! I was talking about the cheese!

  • hahahaah

  • (yep. got that)

  • Yeah, that’s him. Sir Wilfrid Laurier, aka Gene Wilder.

  • To the Disqus Gods: Paleeese let this comment appear below CheesyMike’s because, frankly, I’m beginning to feel a little like Job.

    Ha! You got it! Gene Wilder! Laurier was best ‘personified’ (for lack of a better term) in Wilder’s “Young Franenstein” character!

    *crossing fingers … pressing “Post as…”*

  • Anonymous

    Now it has been confirmed. Canada has the cheesiest Prime Ministers. Oh, and no more cheese for 00dozo.

  • I don’t know if I like vanilla in my spreadable cheese. Is it like a dessert cheese? Like cheesecake? I just don’t know about this. Hey, who else taste tested with you — was it Nicky or Jepeto?

    Would that lady cheese work on a graham cracker — like a poor man’s cheesecake? I like cheesecake.

  • Vanilla cheese… I could go for that. Lady Laurier it is!

  • Mikewj

    I don’t what the fuck’s going on here. Are you two speaking aboriginal Canadian or something? It looks like gibberish to me.

    I hungry now. CheesyMike, do you think you’ll on time this morning? ‘Cause that burger’s sound mighty tasty.

  • Mikewj

    Cheesecake’s probably got more sugar than vanilla cheese, but cheesecake’s got vanilla in it. So, working backwards, vanilla=good, cheese=good, vanilla cheese=good. Sounds delicious now, right, CG?

    I mean, we’re not talking vanilla cheese-covered cockroaches here, right CheesyMike?

  • BonyMike: I was having a helluva time trying to edit my original comment and none of the edits or my replies ended up where they should have been. Like I said, Disqus sucks MMCs.

    P.S. I think Disqus also stole that word that is missing in your comment to CheesyMike.

  • Yeah, maybe I should just stick with the Merlot.

    (I should’ve known better than to post something with the name “Murphy” in it.)

  • There were a few words missing, so I don’t think it’s Disqus’ fault. BonyMike may just be on the Merlot.

  • Exactly. We’re talking cheese, and further, we’re talking 38%MF. And as we all know, the more fat there is, the better it tastes. If you click on the images, you’ll see that Sir Wilfrid (or gene Wilder as I pointed out) only has 27%MF. Vanilla+More Fat=More gooder.

  • We all had a taste. I left the cheeses at Nicky’s so I’m assuming they pigged out on it for breakfast the next day.

  • You won’t be disappointed!

  • For some reason Laurier Cheese sounds more appetizing than Harper Cheddar.

  • Yup. It was AWESOME!


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