Making Choices

My decisions all seem to boil down to “should I stay or should I go?” or “should I get them in black or leopard print?”

I’m sitting here in the dark, thinking about some of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I’ve had to make some touch choices in my life. Do I stay in a bad marriage or do I become a single mother? Do I stay at a bad job or do I quit, even though I don’t have another job lined up? Do I stay in a cramped apartment or do I buy a house and go into debt for the rest of my life? Do I buy these awesome shoes or do I buy these awesome shoes?

Some choices are easier than others.

Jepeto has a bad habit. A really bad habit. One that has called our whole relationship into question. I have tried to be supportive. I have tried tough love. I have tried ignoring it. I have tried compensating for it. Nothing seems to make a difference.

He leaves the lights on in every room of our home, no matter what I do.

The other day, I finally lost my temper.

N. – “Why?! Why do you have to leave every fucking light on?! Have you seen the fucking electricity bill this month?!”

J. – “Because.”

N. – “!#%&”

J. – “Whaaaaat?!”

N. – “Can you PUHLEEZE turn off the fucking lights when you leave a room?!?”

J. – “No.”

N. – “!#%$& $#%!! *^&%$!!!”

J. – “Look, you have a choice. You can control the lights, or you can blow me.”

I’m sitting here in the dark, thinking about some of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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  • It’s not the man it’s the system. You should install sensor switches. This way the lights would shut off automatically.

  • Gosh, I grew up being yelled at by my father…as he was an electrician and was always on our case for that exact thing.

    Sometimes we just have to choose our battles more so than think of it as making decisions.
    In relationships it is really all about choosing the battle.

    As far as his ultimatum…yikes…he best be careful as he is putting his own pleasure at stake within that simply nonsensical answer~

  • Good for you!

  • Wait a minute! Wait one minute! You did not! Or if you did, tell me it’s a compromise! Hell, Nicky, don’t give that kind of action away for free! At least get the lights off in exchange. Oh, and a very happy belated birthday that did not show up on my Facebook thing. We January women are something else, I’ll tell you!

  • Ahahahhahaah! Oh Nicky!

  • It’s the man, not the system. I shouldn’t have to install switches. He should learn how to turn off a light all by himself, like a big boy.

  • Well, I don’t always yell at him about the lights. Usually, I just follow him around the house turning them off myself. That morning, I was just not in the mood, so I yelled. Sometimes, in relationships, it’s about venting. πŸ™‚

    As for his ultimatum, we both started laughing as soon as he said it and realized he just backed himself into a lose/lose situation! πŸ™‚

  • That’s what I thought πŸ™‚

  • No I did not. Of course I did not. That’s why I was sitting in the dark. I chose to control the lights. πŸ™‚

    Thank you hon! I had a lovely day, and you are absolutely right! We January women are definitely a breed apart!

  • I laughed the whole time I wrote this. I knew I couldn’t be the only person to find mine & Jepeto’s antics funny! πŸ™‚

  • Jepeto needs to learn that he will never get a head without turning out lights like you ask him to.

  • If he doesn’t start behaving I may have to start referring to him as “porn star guy” again. But then, he probably liked that. πŸ˜‰

  • I think he’s beginning to understand πŸ™‚

  • I think you’ve just given him the impetus to misbehave πŸ™‚

  • Men can be slow learners, bless their little hearts!

  • Im STILL laughing!

  • Anonymous

    Jepeto is like the worst negotiator in the world. He should have said that you can control the lights but only if you blow him. Remind me not to take him with me next time I need to buy a new car.

    “Okay, tell you what, we’ll take the high-end trim package, but only if you charge us thousands more for it. That’s my final offer.”

    By the way, you need to work on your language, Nicky. Your mother would be shocked, and cursing is no way to convince an opponent that you’re right.

  • Anonymous

    Well, you know what they say: Little hearts, big cocks. There are always tradeoffs in life.

  • Anonymous

    Impetus sounds dirty.

  • Anonymous

    Women really don’t understand men, do they? If you asked Jepeto to install light sensors in every room, he’d happily spend days installing them because they’re cool and it would give him a chance to prove that’s a handy manly fellow. But if you ask him to turn off the lights, he’ll either refuse or forget, even though it would only cost him a few minutes of his life over his entire lifetime. When women finally learn this simple lesson, we’ll finally acheive world peace. Oh, actually, that and that men really a steak and blowjob.

  • Well, Honey, we all know you have a very big heart.

  • Anonymous

    I left out a few words in this comment. Sorry. I think it still makes sense, though.

  • I think I’m on Jepeto’s side. I leave the lights on all the time.

    I don’t *mean* to. It just…happens.

  • It does, but it isn’t.

  • I’m pretty sure I understand Jepeto just fine. And Jepeto will own up to not being the handiest of fellows. Well, not THAT kind of handy anyway. Personally, I think a closed toilet seat is the way to achieve world peace and it doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime soon either. And, REALLY? I had no idea that’s what men wanted since they’re so good at keeping that kind of thing to themselves!

  • I think that’s what he intended to say, but sometimes (actually, always) his mouth works faster than his brain!

    Who do you think taught me to swear?

  • Ok, I’m going to pretend I didn’t read that! I’m just going to sit here and wait for your next comment about how right I am.

    ….still waiting

    ….still waiting

    ….ok, what’s taking you so long? I can see I’ll have to take matters into my own hands!!

  • Hahaha! I was just kidding Nicky! You’re obviously right and Jepeto is soooo wrong and should buy you shoes and chocolate and chocolate shoes.

  • Thank you Rena. I appreciate you saying that and even changing your name and your avatar as a show of support for me. You ROCK girl!

  • Mikewj

    Can you swear in French? ‘Cause that would be sorta sexy. Especially if you’re wearing chocolate shoes.

  • Mikewj

    We’re pigs, I admit it. Especially when we’re young. Women have no idea, not really.

  • Yes, I can. But I never swear in any language while I’m wearing chocolate shoes.


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