The Cheeseburger Under The Stairs

Way back in the heady days of 2010, I wrote about how I stared into the abyss of cheeseburger heaven/hell and how I’ll forever be searching for the perfect burger. With cheese of course.

Well I almost found it!

The thing with addiction and the perfect high, is that it’s pretty much always going to be ‘almost’.

Still, there’s this little place. I got this friend who tipped me off about it. It’s a tiny cafe and it’s literally under the stairs in an old building downtown. My friend said this, and I quote, “best cheeseburger in town.”

We just had to see about that.

So I looked them up. They had no website, but they had a number. I called from work and ordered 4 cheeseburgers for me and my homeys.

“We only have 2 left!”
“What? Ok. 2 cheeseburgers then. And a club sandwich. Our address is..”
“No delivery!”
“Fine. I’ll come to you. Where…”

*click* He hangs up on me.

Man, these burgers must be awesome.

I found the place alright. Enter the building, down the stairs at the far corner of the lobby. Down, all the way down to the basement where the chef greets me from behind the counter which wasn’t more than 6 feet long.

“You here for 2 cheese and a club?”
“Yeah, that’s me.”
“You look familiar.”
“First time here.”
“No, I mean from the movies.”
“No, definitely not.”
“Nah, you’re in the movies. Here you go. Gave you extra salad. We close now for the day.”
“Cool. Thanks.”

He wasn’t kidding about the extra salad. Fresh mixed greens, endives, nuts, tomatoes and green beans. Not what you’d expect from a tiny lunch counter. It was super amazing!

Ok ok. Here it is!

This cheeseburger was so good. So tender, so (almost) perfect. Was it veal? I can’t even be sure. But it had a slice of onion, 2 slices of fresh tomato and a big crisp piece of lettuce on it. AND, a nice thick slice of Swiss cheese melting off the top. Simple and delicious. I think there was mayo and mustard. I can’t remember anymore. It was also sliced in half like a sandwich. Cheeseburger sandwich if you will. I could go for one now.


Also, they’re only open during business hours, so if you go it’s:

Cafe Chateau
(514) 844-4934
1410 rue Stanley

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