Where Did You Go On Your Honeymoon?


Look at those rocks. The pounding force of the water. Enough to shred a grown man into such tiny bits as to never be found.

When I got married, I already had a 7 month old baby. He’s not a baby anymore. You may have read one or two of his posts. At the time, he was still really cute and not sassy at all, so we didn’t want to be too far from home on our honeymoon, even though my parents were watching him for us. Plus, we were young and broke, so places like Paris, Venice, Martinique or Hoboken were completely out of the question.

We thought about going to Niagara Falls. It’s a popular honeymoon destination. Besides the Falls, they’ve got the Skylon Tower with a revolving restaurant and an indoor waterpark and the Fallsview casino. We decided not to go to Niagara Falls. Too expensive, too clichΓ©, too far from the baby. If truth be told, I think, even then, I was subconsciously worried he might piss me off and I’d throw him over the Falls.

Then a married friend of mine told me about a place her and her husband had gone for their first wedding anniversary only a few months earlier. It’s called Chanteclair.

chalet in Quebec

Not Niagara Falls. You’ll notice the lack of waterfalls. Instead, a small, peaceful lake. The kind where a dead body would quickly be found.

So that’s where we went. It is a lovely place, about an hour north of Montreal, nestled in the mountains, with a jacuzzi and a sauna, a pool and a lake. Unfortunately for us, the weather sucked. We decided to pack it up after only 3 days, because we missed the baby. I did mention we were young and stupid, right? Oh, I said young and broke? Well, that too. We did end up referring the place to some other friends of ours who hadn’t been dating very long and were looking to get away for a weekend.

If you’re planning a wedding and you’ve gotten passed the search for wedding dresses, wedding invitations, reception halls, flowers, music and all that other stuff, and you’ve finally gotten to the point where you are choosing your honeymoon destination, I’d like to give you some advice based on my experience.


The married friend who suggested the place to me? Divorced. My husband and I? Divorced. The friends we suggested the place to? Split up. The place is a relationship jinx. Some people have suggested to me over the years that maybe my friends and I were just young and stupid and picked the wrong guys. My response? Maybe, but why don’t you and your honey head on up to Chanteclair for your vacations this year and prove me wrong? So far, nobody’s taken me up on that challenge.


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  • Mikewj

    I’m never going to Chanteclair, that’s for sure. I like being married to Kerry. I really do, actually. I love her, she loves me (God knows why) and it works out pretty well as long as I take her to the Genghis Grill when she wants.

    We were young and broke when we got married, too. No baby, thankfully (they started arriving about 13 years later). After our simple, inexpensive wedding, we drove our beat-up, tri-color Beetle to the Colorado mountains and stayed in hoity-toity Aspen for one night. Like you, we thought it was too expensive and we also got bored because it’s such a small town and we’re city people. So we came back to Denver, kind of like you missing the baby, spent a couple more nights in a hotel near our little apartment and called it a honeymoon.

    I think that if we ever do another honeymoon, it won’t be to Niagra Falls–we’ve already seen the Skylon Tower–but Italy. Or, if money’s still an issue, and it probably will be, we may just drive up to Maine in the fall, look at the trees and eat a lot of lobster. I think that would be perfect for us, and just about the right amount of romantic. We’re not super demanding that way.

    This was a nice post, Nicky, although I’m sorry your first marriage didn’t work out. Damn Chanteclair, that accursed place!

  • M and I were actually discussing our future honeymoon the other day. He voted for Chanteclair, but now that I know it’s cursed, I’ll probably have to veto it. We’ll probably go to Italy, or Spain, or Greece, or maybe the Maldives. Probably the Maldives.

  • I think it’s wonderful and impressive that you and Kerry have been together for so long and that you’re still in love. But I think the part that I find the most inspiring is that you still take her to the Genghis Grill when she wants. I’ve heard some men will just drive around for HOURS and then take their wives to places like Cheddar’s.

    Italy would be a lovely second honeymoon, but so would Maine. And Maine is much closer to Canada. πŸ™‚

  • He voted for Chanteclair? Men! If you’re going to come to Canada, we’ll put you up in the heart of Montreal, at the Ritz or the Queen Elizabeth. Italy, Spain and Greece are nice. So are the Maldives. But Jepeto and I don’t live there and really, isn’t that why you want to go on a honeymoon?

  • Now I really want to go to Niagara Falls, and possibly go over in a barrel.

  • I’ve never had a honeymoon. Now I feel excluded.

  • Ahem…it’s spelled “chantecler”. You’re welcome. πŸ˜€

  • no, it’s spelled “Chanteclair”. Bite me. πŸ˜€

  • Don’t feel excluded. It just proves you are smarter than I was at your age. πŸ™‚

  • That could be fun. Pushing someone else over in a barrel sounds funner, though.

  • God, how confusing is that? They’re like 15 minutes away from each other. Are you 100% sure you didn’t go to Chantecler?

  • I’ve never been married, per se, but if I do ever thake that plunge, I won’t have to go far for a honeymoon. *big cheesy grin*

    Strangely enough, though, me and my then beau tagged along on our friends’ honeymoon – they stayed here, at my place, in the Bahamas. So, technically, I have had one.

  • I’m pretty sure. The chalet in the picture looks exactly like the place we stayed. And I wasn’t that drunk when we stayed there, so I do vaguely remember it.

  • Yeah, yeah, rub it in πŸ™‚

    I like the idea of having a honeymoon vicariously through others. You get the vacation without the husband. Nicely done, Dozo!

  • Funny! Should have gone to Niagra? Actually that is one place I’ve never been to and have always wanted to go to!

  • Ha! Maybe we should have gone to Niagara. It could have saved our relationship.

    Nah! πŸ™‚

  • You know, I think I really would have enjoyed going on a honeymoon. But that would have entailed getting married. There’s always a catch.

  • The honeymoon is definitely the best part of the marriage. People should just go on honeymoons and then divorce immediately upon their return. πŸ™‚

  • I’ve been to Cabo San Lucas, Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC, Scottsdale, AZ, the Madonna Inn, and a condo in Lake Tahoe. The Lake Tahoe condo lasted. The others not so much.

  • I always wanted a wedding, too, but just for the dress.

  • I always wanted a wedding, too, but just for the dress.

  • When we got married I didn’t have any vacation time on the books, so we went to Reno (the dirtiest little city on earth) over 4th of July weekend. Got married on the 5th and came home on the 6th.

  • Yikes. I totally believe that place is jinked!

  • Noted! If I ever get married again, Lake Tahoe it is πŸ™‚

  • Please tell me you didn’t meet your husband on the 3rd?! I always said if I ever got married again it would probably be because of a drunken binge in Vegas! πŸ™‚

  • Which is a shame since it really is a pretty place. Maybe one day the curse will be broken…


  • Maybe!

  • LOL, no, but that would be a great story, especially since we’ve been married since 1997.

  • I think you should use it from now on! πŸ™‚

  • When we go out of town I have always wanted to tell people that our names were Kitty and Harry Beaverfelt, I could add we met in Reno on the 4th of July 1997 and were married on the 5th, the rest is history.


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