Where Did You Go On Your Honeymoon?


Look at those rocks. The pounding force of the water. Enough to shred a grown man into such tiny bits as to never be found.

When I got married, I already had a 7 month old baby. He’s not a baby anymore. You may have read one or two of his posts. At the time, he was still really cute and not sassy at all, so we didn’t want to be too far from home on our honeymoon, even though my parents were watching him for us. Plus, we were young and broke, so places like Paris, Venice, Martinique or Hoboken were completely out of the question.

We thought about going to Niagara Falls. It’s a popular honeymoon destination. Besides the Falls, they’ve got the Skylon Tower with a revolving restaurant and an indoor waterpark and the Fallsview casino. We decided not to go to Niagara Falls. Too expensive, too cliché, too far from the baby. If truth be told, I think, even then, I was subconsciously worried he might piss me off and I’d throw him over the Falls.

Then a married friend of mine told me about a place her and her husband had gone for their first wedding anniversary only a few months earlier. It’s called Chanteclair.

chalet in Quebec

Not Niagara Falls. You’ll notice the lack of waterfalls. Instead, a small, peaceful lake. The kind where a dead body would quickly be found.

So that’s where we went. It is a lovely place, about an hour north of Montreal, nestled in the mountains, with a jacuzzi and a sauna, a pool and a lake. Unfortunately for us, the weather sucked. We decided to pack it up after only 3 days, because we missed the baby. I did mention we were young and stupid, right? Oh, I said young and broke? Well, that too. We did end up referring the place to some other friends of ours who hadn’t been dating very long and were looking to get away for a weekend.

If you’re planning a wedding and you’ve gotten passed the search for wedding dresses, wedding invitations, reception halls, flowers, music and all that other stuff, and you’ve finally gotten to the point where you are choosing your honeymoon destination, I’d like to give you some advice based on my experience.


The married friend who suggested the place to me? Divorced. My husband and I? Divorced. The friends we suggested the place to? Split up. The place is a relationship jinx. Some people have suggested to me over the years that maybe my friends and I were just young and stupid and picked the wrong guys. My response? Maybe, but why don’t you and your honey head on up to Chanteclair for your vacations this year and prove me wrong? So far, nobody’s taken me up on that challenge.


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