My Top 1 Concerts of 2010 And Our New Contest

I’ve been meaning to get to this for months already, but I saw so many concert last year, it’s been a real challenge putting together a list of all the show I saw.

So here’s my top 1 list of concert I saw in 2010.

1. Grinderman at Metropolis, Montreal, Quebec on Nov 12, 2010

Yep. Nick Cave fronting Grinderman. Grinderman is comprised of members of The Bad Seeds, so it’s basically Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds + beards.

Not only was this the best concert I saw all year (shut up with that joke already, Mike), it was probably the raunchiest and filthiest looking show I’ve seen in years. You know how bands look when they’re in their 20’s, right? All pretty with their shiny long hair and innocence. Try that in your 40’s and 50’s, and your band will probably look like Grinderman as well. Check out the video at the bottom to see Grindermanwith Warren Ellis rocking the Homeless/Hassidic look.

Seriously though, these guys put on a show that easily put a lot of younger bands to shame. Plus, with Nick Cave’s legendary status as songwriter/showman supreme, the audience was simply in awe of him. The man’s stage presence is insane. The audience was rapt. There were moments when he was channeling Jim Morrison. At other points I thought he was just going to explode, leaving us covered in bits of Telecaster, three piece suits and cuff-links.

In this incarnation of Grinderman, the band had 75% beard coverage with Nick dropping 2009’s handlebar mustache for a clean shaven look. When an interviewer asked him about the beards last year, he paraphrased an old Ukrainian Proverb and replied. “A man without a mustache is quite like a woman with one.” Good ole Nick Cave…


Speaking of facial hair, welcome to our new contest! It’s kind of like bingo, but not at all like bingo!

Maybe it was the cold, or maybe it was the influence of the Grinderman show, but sometime in the fall a beard appeared on my face, and it hasn’t gone away since. I thought, why not have a Guess My Beard contest?

Are you ready? Here are the rules and the prizes:

1. Be the first to guess my beard: Win an ad for 1 month!
2. Be the first to guess my beard + which beard is attached to a woman’s face: Win an ad for 2 months!
3. Be the first to guess my beard + which beard is attached to a woman’s face + whose face is it?: Win an ad for 3 months!

Good luck! Contest expires Feb 22, 2011 at midnight.

wookie beard
mystic beard
four day beard
goat beard
beard and a cigarette
salt and pepper beard
shaggy beard
disgusting beard
half shaven beard
dark beard
ridiculous curly beard
santa beard

Now enjoy yourselves some Grinderman while you guess those beards:

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