I’m Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse

I think we may have mentioned our love of all things zombie. We are avid fans of The Walking Dead comic series and I was even given an original zombie birthday card made just for me that ended up being published in a Zombie book.

So imagine my surprise, my delight, when Ana, the designer I work with and creator of my awesome zombie birthday card, told me about the Iron Fist company and their line of monster shoes that include Zombie Stompers.   I checked out their website and immediately had Jepeto hide my credit cards.

Last week, Ana told me she’d seen the zombie shoes HERE in Montreal, at a store called Detox! Clouds parted, divine light shone down and angels sang.

Check out my new shoes.

Iron Fist Zombie Shoes

Aren’t they awesome?

Know what’s even better than zombie shoes? Glow in the dark zombie shoes.

Moonshine Zombie Stompers

So you can still stomp zombies after dark. So freakin’ awesome.

When worn, they are perfect for stomping on crawling zombies’ heads. Or you can use them as a hand weapon, embedding them into lurching, upright zombies’ skulls. I love them.

Now, while I feel these shoes would go with almost any outfit, I started thinking about the perfect zombie hunting ensemble. I did some searching and came across this monster dress. Pretty cool, but I started to think it might be overkill. Kind of like wearing a tiger shirt with leopard print shoes. Plus, I think it might be a bit of a challenge to hunt zombies in a dress.

No, something more subtle is required.

sienna miller in skin tight leather catsuit

Oh yeah. I could so pull this off. After liposuction. And gastric bypass. Maybe a few bottles of Dexitrim.

Hmmm, the perfect zombie hunting outfit may take a while to find. The shoes are open-toed, so luckily I have some time before it’s nice enough outside for me to wear them. That, and the dead haven’t risen yet. Good thing I got these Steve Madden shoes for Christmas!

sexy black shoes

Yup, those are 6 inch heels. I’m 5″10 in these babies. And yes, I can walk in them. I could run for a bus in them. Not that I would. But I could.

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  • Nicky, I adore you. You are my special girl and always will be and I’m talking forever. You style entrances me. I want to adopt you or marry you. The choice is yours. You are my true love.

  • Sweetheart, you know I love you too, always and forever, in whatever manner the law will allow and even in whatever manner the law won’t allow 🙂

  • Well, baby girl, there you go! I got your back, Nicky, and any other
    part that needs covering!

  • Wow. Those Steve Madden shoes are gorgeous. I’m sorry, did you write someth… I wonder if they make them in my size. Anyway, you were talking about hey maybe I can get them online! Wait, now I remember, you were sayshoeshoesshoesshoesshoes

    Pardon me, I need to go shopping now.

  • Anonymous

    Those zombie shoes are the coolest shoes I’ve ever seen. Seriously. They’re awesome. Especially the glow-in-the-dark part.

    One request: Please, please don’t kick me in them. In the groin. Anywhere.

    By the way, this post would probably be a lot more interesting if the shoes had some Nicky feet in them. Even some Mike or Jepeto feet. You might even pick up a few new readers.

  • Anonymous

    You girls make it hard…to stay pure. Well, not pure, exactly, but less wicked.


  • I believe, though I may be mistaken, that is the point….and I’m not mistaken. 🙂

  • Tatty, you are a woman after my own shoes! Shoeshoeshoeshoeshoe…shopshopshopshopshop…

  • They are the coolest shoes ever.

    Request denied. 🙂

    I would have taken a picture of Nicky feet in zombie shoes, but I despeately need a pedicure. I would cheerfully kill Mike and Jepeto before I let them put their hairy man-feet anywhere near my shoes. I would probably use the shoes to do it too.

  • Could somebody please explain the zombie fetish epidemic in the blogosphere?
    Please don’t tell me ‘they rock’ -they stumble. (and not ‘-upon’ either)
    And don’t tell me ‘they rule’ -for if they did, you’d be their gruel
    So what gives with the love of the no-lives?

    PS- using new shoes to stomp zombies voids the return policy

  • Rest assured, I have no interest in “things zombie” either. I do not understand the attraction in any way, shape or form. Now the attraction I feel for Nicky, I do understand, and the attraction I feel for Nicky’s new shoes on her pretty little feet. Oh I know some people claim that is an offense, but you and I both know god, that it is not a sin. How could it be? To suggest that something so purely lovey is sinful, well, that’s a sin!

  • Darling Nicky, please bring them when you come visit. I can’t wait to try them on.

  • Nicky, are you saying we are “leading him into temptation”? Isn’t that a sin? Naw.

  • Anonymous

    Me, either.

  • They won’t fit you Cinderella.

  • Zombies are cool (notice the lack of “rocking”). They lurch and drool and look raggedy and moan and stare vacantly. Basically, they’re just like the living, except they eat brains and have a justified reason for being vacuous. What’s not to love?

    PPS – why on earth would I care about the return policy?!

  • LMAO!

  • Wow. That’s some impressive shoe bling. I fear I would need knee pads and a helmet. I bow to your awesome sense of balance.

  • Jealous

  • I love zombies just as much as much as the next guy, but I don’t know that I want them on my feet. The glow in the dark is a cool touch. My sister gave me some black chuck Taylor high tops with glow in the dark rocket monkeys on them last year for my birthday. I’ve never worn them. I LOVE the monster dress, and your 6 inch heels are crazy cute.

  • LOL, don’t be jealous Madge! We’re still a couple of sister wives short of a TLC program!

  • Thanks Jayne. I regally acknowledge your bow with a slight head tilt (so as not to topple over) from waaaay up above!

  • You’ve never worn them? You totally should!

    The monster dress is really cute and would actually go really well with my Steve Maddens. Hmmmmmm…..:-)

  • Sweet!! Long distance sister wivehood, let me know how that works out for ya 🙂

  • In the wise words of Wilma Flintsone and Betty Rubble..

  • I don’t understand the fascination with zombies, but I do think the shoes are great!

  • Nonamedufus

    What, no matching zombie-hunting purse?

  • For me, I immensely enjoy the thought of bashing in a brainless monster’s head. But I have issues 🙂

    Thanks Babs, I love them!

  • They have zombie purses AND wallets. I thought it might be overkill.

    🙂 You bring out the pun in me Dufe!

  • Now those are some shit-kickin’ pumps, sister! Love them!

  • I’m so jealous! I don’t have any shoes as cool as that. You’re my hero.

  • I’m so jealous! I don’t have any shoes as cool as that. You’re my hero.


  • Anonymous

    I don’t either, Ziva, although I once owned a pair of blue swuede boots that I loved.

  • Anonymous

    Language, please.

  • Anonymous

    I’m taking that as a personal threat. Watch your back, bitch.

  • SEND JEPETO?!?!? Ok, you must SERIOUSLY want to restrain yourself if you’re begging for Jepeto’s help!! 🙂 I think my Steve Madden’s may even have replaced my badass leopards as my favourite shoes, they’re so awesome!

  • Wait until you see me in a cape 🙂

  • Thanks CG! They are fucking awesome, aren’t they?

    *was that better Mike?*

  • Down boy! I said brainless monsters. You are not a monster. Bitch. 🙂

  • Love the zombie shoes, but they kind of made me giggle and think of eddie izzard…zombie killing – in heels as well! 🙂 The Steve Maddens are gorgeous and made me think of that old Don Henley song “Those Shoes”!

  • Mikewj

    You win, O Clever One! 🙂

  • Those are THE HOTTEST SHOES, in the whole wide world! I don’t even wear high-heels, but I’d be willing to rock those!

  • Hihihihi, now I’m giggling, thinking of Eddie Izzard and singing “Those Shoes”! Thanks! 🙂

  • I’ll be bringing them to TBCon…if you want to try them on 🙂

  • Yes, please!!

  • The shows are AMAZING!!! Do you own “The Zen of Zombie?” It’s a tongue-in-check book about how to attain nirvana by “living” the zombie lifestyle.

  • Brooke! Where you been girl?! I do not own “The Zen of Zombie”…yet. 🙂


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