Canada’s Government Falls and Guess Whose Fault It Is

So, Canada’s Conservative government fell the other day to a vote of non-confidence. That’s right. In Canada, when the opposition parties vote that you suck, they can force an election. Or something like that. This is Canada after all. Land of buck toothed beavers, high taxes and marbled cheddar. What a country!

But don’t worry. There isn’t chaos in the streets, although I did hear a big collective groan from the entire population of Canada (there’s 10 of us) because we’re going to have another election. The crazy thing is, is that even though there are only 10 of us, only about 50% of us will even bother to vote. Sad.

Just kidding. There are actually 1000 Canadians.

Now that you understand Canadian politics, let me tell you the real reason why Stephen Harper‘s Government fell:

first guy to buy an ipad 2

You don’t have to be a government employee to take a day off for the iPad 2. Oh wait.

The iPad 2.

That’s right. The government fell on Friday, March 25, 2011. When was the iPad 2 released in Canada? You guessed it. Friday March 25 2011.

For a minute, I actually believed that the opposition parties were working against the Conservatives to bring them down. Once I realized the truth, it was obvious that they were all working together just so that they could all run down to Ottawa’s Apple store. Fucking iPad 2. Now we’re going to have another election.

I was actually considering getting an iPad, but not anymore. It was bad enough that Steve “douche” Jobs never re-instated Apple’s philanthropy program. Now Canada’s future hangs in the balance because a bunch of suits thought it would be fun to get out of work early to go pick up their pre-ordered iPad 2’s.

You didn’t think for a second that they’d wait in line, did you?

P.S. Thanks to Jayne for suggesting we tackle Canadian politics!

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