Eat Cheese, Talk Cheese

Times are tough, and that means that the price of cheese is through the roof! Choosing cheese is now a more frugal process because the days of giant 2 dollar slabs of marbled cheddar are gone. And it’s all because of the price of oil and rising transport costs. Or maybe not. What do I know about economics? Nothin’.

But I do know cheese, or at least, I want to know MORE cheese. So I decided to take a chance on three (3) cheeses I’d never had before. The only rule: each one had to cost under 6$.

This is what I ended up with (from left to right): Walnut Cheese, Bouq Emissaire, and Le Cremeux (aka The Creamy, The Creamy One, The One Who Is Creamy…etc). By the looks of them, I could have titled this post “Cheese that looks like cake”.
three types of cheese

I also picked up a piece of BBQ salmon, which was amazingly tasty, but that’s another post.

Walnut Cheese
This is St-Julien walnut cheese. A soft cheese made with walnuts and butter. Looks so much like cake that I ate it with a fork. Crunchy and soft at the same time. Even crunchier when you flake it onto a cracker. It’s got to flaked because this is a firm-ish cheese. Soft in the middle, but overall firm. I’ll be trying it again…for breakfast.

Bouq Emissaire
As you can see, the Bouq Emissaire has an ash covering. Like Le Cendrillon, we weren’t a fan of the ash. Same thing this time around. And the ash on the Bouq Emissaire is kind of wet. Like you were eating your cheese by the bonfire, and it fell in. Then you tried to wash it off. But the ash stayed on. The cheese itself is a raw milk goat cheese. tasty, but the ash was a little over powering.

I was thinking that “Bouq” was an allusion to the French “boucane” which means smoke. The Wikipedia entry says that the name is a play on words meaning “scapegoat”. Jepeto, shed some light on this.

Le Cremeux
This soft unripened cheese is basic, but a crowd pleaser. Soft yet firm, crumbly but spreadable. It’s evenly laced with pepper too which gives it a slight tang. Not much else to say about it except it was good. It’s also gone. No wait, there’s a bit left. Breakfast.

So there you go. Three decent cheeses for under 6$ CDN. A little more with tax. There’s always tax.

cremeux bouq emissaire


But wait! There’s more!

We Work For Cheese featured in a podcast?
Yep. Sometime back in December, I was interviewed by the funny and engaging (and very professional) John Chamberlin and Carol Lee Espy of Wine-ing On The Weekends. Want to know what we talked about? Well head on over and have a listen for yourself! You can also have a listen on iTunes if that’s your thing.


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