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How Do Ya Like Them Snowballs?



What up, haters? It’s me, Winter, back with another awesome display of my awesomeness!

So Mike is on vacation and he really wants to go skiing in Vermont sometime this week. He hasn’t even been skiing in over 5 years, and since it rained all weekend, he was worried that the conditions would be too icy. He sends me a text message asking me if I could “help out” a bit. I said I would totally do it, on the condition that he go out and take pictures of my greatness afterwards.

He agreed, and man, did I ever earn my keep! I snowed like 8 inches! All over the place!

But then Mike goes and gets all “weird” about it. Listen to this guy:

Mike: Dude! You snowed way too much all over the city!
Me (Winter): Totally yeah!
Mike: I’m going to Vermont! That’s nowhere near here!
Me: Vermont, Quebec. Same difference!
Mike: It is not!
Me: Don’t worry, I snowed in Vermont too.
Mike: Jerk.
Me: Where are the pics? We had a deal.
Mike. Here.


Winter sez: Look what I did!



Winter sez: Mike's neighborhood looks good in snow!


Look at that fool in the left picture. I have no idea what he’s trying to accomplish, cause there’s just so much flaky beauty, and he has this weird little tool that he uses to move it from one place to another. Oh, and Mike, that picture of the park would be gorgeous, IF IT WAS IN FOCUS. Really. Bah…humans.

Well, I gotta go back to work. I have a few “contracts” aka “You thought it was Spring, but guess what it’s not” type jobs. Hahahaha.



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