Cauliflower In The News – Vol. 1

Cauliflower is the new cheese.

After nearly two years, and no progress made on our goal of world domination, Mike and I have decided to end our affiliation to cheese. We Work For Cheese will henceforth be known as We Work For Cauliflower. The cheese now stands alone. Mike is securing our new domain name, and we should be moving over the weekend. Don’t worry, he knows how to rig it so you’ll be redirected to the new URL.

We also figured a new name deserves a new look. I’ve been playing around with a few templates, but I’m partial to this one. Feedback is always welcome, so let us know what you think!!


Heavy rains in California mean possible supply gaps into May.

Excessive rain and extremes  in temperature will likely result in a reduced cauliflower harvest. Also, it’s probably going to cost more but the quality shouldn’t be affected. Well, that sucks.


Cauliflower is now more popular in the UK.

Cauliflower, one of the UK’s most hated ­vegetables because it tends to go mushy quickly, is back on the menu after a sales surge sparked by celeb chefs like ­Antony Worral Thompson. Well, that’s good.


Japan finds radiation in cauliflower.

Higher-than-standard radiation has been detected  in cauliflower. They also  found it in broccoli, spinach, and cabbage. Well, that really sucks.




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