Goodbye Winter! This Time For Real!

Whew! Well we’re back to normal after yesterday’s cauliflower party. Changing our theme back to normal was like changing into comfortable clothes after wearing an ill-fitting clown suit for 24 hours.

So here’s a quick post, to welcome Spring (finally) and say goodbye to Winter until next year. I figured I’d post a few pics after commenting about where BonyMike was when he took the pics for his hat wearing post. The idea was “Where’s Mike?”, which I was going to turn into a contest and make everyone guess where I went skiing. Then I decided to scrap the contest and just post the pics, leaving it at that.

This is from a couple of weeks ago. The last BIG snowstorm that dumped almost 3 feet of snow on the ski hills. I had a few days off, so why not go to Vermont and throw myself down a mountain?


1st time skiing in 10 years. Maybe going to the summit wasn't the best idea for my first run. Pretty good view though.

My decision to come here was based on memories that I had of this view. I was here as a kid and remembered the tall fence separating us skiers from the abyss. The fence has seen better days, and it’s not as tall as I remembered. The view hasn’t changed.


As suspected, you can still see Mt. Mansfield. Hasn't budged an inch.

I hadn’t skied in so long, so I dug out my ancient straight edge skis instead of renting new ones. On my last run of the day, a couple of guys commented on my “old school” skis. I mentioned how they sill worked and that the mountain hasn’t changed much. We laughed and then they lamented the fact that they spent $800 on skis this year and only made it out twice.

I forgot how much I missed skiing and the conditions were incredible. As you can tell from my expression, I’m having more fun than anyone should ever be allowed to have. Ever. I mean it. I’m experiencing extreme elation. Or maybe it was extreme exhaustion, combined with sub zero temperatures at the summit. Or maybe I just suck at self portraits.

Happy Spring, y’all.

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