I Couldn’t Not Go

I saw them in 2004. The show was so incredible that I went back the next night, low-balling a scalper for a cheap ticket (not a euphemism).

When my colleague raved about the show this past Wednesday, I couldn’t stop myself and used my lunch hour to pick up a ticket for the Thursday night show.

I think I’m a Pixies groupie.

Brief History: The Pixies happened in 1986, broke up in 1993, and reunited in 2004. Now they’re back again.

There’s something about the way Black Francis/Frank Black writes a song, and there’s something about the way The Pixies sound live. It’s not a sound that’s easy to describe, but when Frank Black screams, a chord change gives you chills and Kim Deal‘s bass lines make you grin like an idiot, the band is doing something right. An old theater, Metropolis, packed with adoring fans were in agreement.

Someone was kind enough to record 16 minutes of show highlights, which is nice, but doesn’t do the concert justice. It’s probably once of those things where you had to be there. And being there was glorious.

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