He Got My Goat…Cheese

So, Mike came over the other night and brought along some delicious goat cheeses.

goat cheeses

I've tried coming up with a clever caption, but in the end, all I got is "Mmmmm, nummy!"

When he called me about getting together to sample the cheese, he was at the grocery store. It was already late afternoon and he told me he was going to finish doing his groceries, eat something, so some stuff, etc. etc. so he would be over later.

When he finally came over, we had already eaten and he was starving. That’s right, he did his groceries, did some other stuff, etc. etc., but never got around to eating! He considered ordering something but couldn’t decide on what which led him to say something that left me looking at him askance.

Yes, askance.

He asked if I had any macaroni and cheese.

“Like, in a box?” I asked, after managing to unboggle my mind ever so slightly. “Like, Kraft Dinner macaroni and cheese?” Yes, that is exactly what he was asking for. “No!” was my decidely condescending reply. “I do NOT have any of that. I can MAKE you some macaroni and cheese, if you like.”

So, I made him supper despite the fact he decided to behave like a savage. Luckily, later on in the evening, he brought out the goat cheese and proved he was, indeed, a civilized human being.

There were three goat cheeses:    Le Crémeux au poivre (the creamy with pepper), Bûche Soignon (Log from Soignon) and Elite Cranberry and Port goat cheese.

creamy goat cheese with pepper

Mmmmmmmm, nummy!

Le Crémeux is a rich goat cheese with pepper blended into the cheese. Blending the pepper in is soooooo much better than cheeses that are rolled in pepper! The pepper enhances the taste of the goat cheese, rather than overpowering it. Even Jake, who was lured by the smell of freshly baked French bread, agreed it was perfect! High praise, indeed!

goat cheese

Mmmmm, ok.


The  Bûche Soignon was a light goat cheese. Very light. Maybe a little too light. After tasting Le Crémeux, we found it to be a bit lacking in flavour. It’s appearance was reminiscent of Le Cendrillon, the award winning cheese we’d previously sampled, as was the texture, but the taste, while far from unpleasant, was simply a tad uninspired.

goat cheese with cranberry and port

Mmmmmmmmm, verrrrrry nummy!

The Elite Cranberry and Port cheese is a cousin to the Blueberry Pomegranate cheese I wrote about a while back when I had lost my mind and decided to self-diagnose and then self-medicate. It was, and still is, the best cheese I have ever tasted, although the Cranberry and Port definitely demonstrated the cranberry doesn’t fall far from the blueberry pomegranate tree. Or something like that. In other words, it was great. Obviously a dessert cheese, it was lovely on French bread, but probably would have been even better on a graham cracker. Instant cheesecake!

Well, as the song goes, two outta three ain’t bad!

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  • I was going to kraft you a deliciously cheesy a-muse-ing witicism until I noticed a blasphemous omission from your lenghly ‘cheese roll’.  What’s a dissed deity to do?

  •  I have got to stop looking at things like this until after I eat breakfast. Now I want a cheese omelet! No, wait Mac n’ cheese…no grilled cheese…ARGH! I think I’ll go eat some granola.

  • Oh, wow.  I am showing up on your doorstep one day to eat cheese.  That peppery goat cheese sounds so nummy!  And yes, boxed mac n cheese is nasty.  My kids don’t hate it, but they prefer me to make it homemade.  In fact, making it from scratch takes about as long as making the stuff in the box.  

  • Bite your tongue Nicky!  Mike never behaves like a savage.  He was just trying to get fed without putting you to any trouble.  Kraft Mac and Cheese is what my kids grew up on.  The still love the nasty orange stuff!  The peppery cheese sounds wonderful as does the fruity cheese.  The middle of the road might be fine if you had it alone on a little bread with a glass of superb wine.  (Some things need to be a little bland so you can appreciate the awesomeness of something else.)  I will not give you or any member of your family Kraft products when you come to visit.  We will go to the cheese store like civilized people and choose nummy delish wonderful cheeses.

  • Caption wise, How bout’, “Devil’s got your Goat”?

    Aloha From Sunny South Florida!

  • Macaroni cheese from a box?  Never!  Macaroni Cheese is  one of my favourites. Well, anything with cheese is my favourite 😉

  • An obvious oversight on our part God. Please do not judge us too harshly because of it. We have repented the error of our ways and I am personally saying a few Bloody Mary Full Of Taste right this very moment. 

  • Sorry, maybe I should have started with a disclaimer! A cheese omelette sounds lovely for breakfast! Mac-n-cheese & grilled cheese, not as much. Can you put cheese on granola? 

  • Any time Devon! You are more than welcome to join us anytime you like. We always have plenty to go around! My oldest son joined up with Mike to lament the lack of boxed mac-n-cheese. I am apparently a horrible mother and my children are obviously seriously deprived. 🙂

  • I’ve known Mike forever and I know he can, on occasion, be a savage. It’s one of the things that has cemented our friendship for so long! The bland cheese would probably have been better with a nice hearty wine, but alas, I had a cold and was drinking copious amounts of tea instead. I appreciate that you will not feed me Kraft products, but I’m pretty sure the rest of the family would strongly protest! 🙂 

  • Heheheheh, nice one Don, but I didn’t want to tempt fate, what with judgement day coming up this weekend! 🙂 

  • Macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food! And I’m with you on that one, Babs! Anything with cheese is my favourite! 

  •  Mike seems fairly elegant to me.  If the baby wants orange mac and cheese, I’ll get it for him, but under protest!

  •  Oopsie, I can’t believe I faded that one out!  Okeedoughkee how bout the perennial favorite, “Who Cut The Cheese”.  (?)

  •  In defence, I was just so hungry at the time that I was willing to eat anything. I’m not even sure why I suggested it. Thankfully Nicky was disgusted enough by the thought of KD that she came up with something much better!

  • Graham cracker — instant cheesecake — That’s brilliant!  I’ve never thought of that.  And I love that you just whipped up some mac ‘n’ cheese.  That’s impressive.  

  • Thanks Jayne, I am inspired when it comes to cheese 🙂

    It was actually a whole grain penne with an herbed cheese sauce and it took me less than 30 minutes to make! Seriously super easy to make. Boiling the pasta is the longest part.  

  • I live with 4 men. That is always a dangerous question in my house, Don! 😉 

  • I’m ashamed.  I’ll have to admit that I do Mac ‘n Cheese (from the box) sometimes … but, in my own defense, it’s usually because I’m too ill to cook otherwise.

    I still be lookin’ for that pomegranate blueberry cheese here – our deli will sometimes get nice cheeses – but the cranberry and port sounds tasty, too.  Now, if I could just bake a half decent loaf of bread (yeah, I be working on it).


    Drive by my place – gots somethings for y’all.

  • As deft and clever as always, worthy Muse.
    You have been rewarded in kind.

    PS- please stop showering when 30 Rock is on, I don’t like splitting my attention 

  • I am as you made me, God. Thank you for your blessing. 🙂

    P.S. – How about during American Idol? 

  • It’s ok, Dozo, we won’t think less of you! 🙂

    I wish I could send you some, but I don’t think cheese travels well and it would probably cost a fortune to ship it refrigerated! Invest in a good bread machine, it’s well worth it!

    Heading over right now! 

  • I didn’t even know that bullshit was still on -and I know everything worth knowing …oh, there ya go. 

  • Anonymous

     I love a good cheese blog. My blog is not about cheese, just about being cheesy. But I still do love cheese.  Nice that we both won awards from 00dozo, eh? I’ll be back.

  • I love a good homemade mac & cheese, and just cheese in general.  The first two sound really good, especially with the homemade bread.  The third however…I like cheesecake just fine, but without toppings, so I don’t expect I’d care for fruity flavored cheese.  But hey, all the more for you, right?

  • Welcome Cheeseboy! We love cheese, but can appreciate cheesy as well 🙂

    Congratulations, fellow award-winner! Any friend of Dozo’s is a friend of ours. Please do stop in any time! 

  • Homemade mac-n-cheese epitomizes comfort food for me! Adding cheese to anything makes it better!

    Is it the sweetness of the toppings that turn you off? Because the Cranberry Port wasn’t overly sweet, with the tartness of the cranberries balancing out the sweetness of the port. It might surprise you. If not, I’ll just have to force myself to eat your share! 🙂 

  • LOL! Ok, why don’t you just let me know when is good for you….send me a sign or something. No locusts, though. OK? 

  • I love stinky cheeses, strong tasting cheeses, fruity cheeses, almondy cheeses… I love soooo many cheeses.  BUT… (I think I’ve said it here before) I have tried and TRIED to like goat cheese and I just can’t!  I try to be brave and take a taste if I am ever offered.  All I ever taste is barnyard.  So this is what I am thinking.  I think I am not eating a GOOD enough goat cheese.  Perhaps some barnyards are better than others? LOL!  SO, I am packing my things and coming over.  Unless you have finished it?

  • I guess it’s just my idea of what cheese is and to me it just isn’t sweet, not even mildly sweet.  I don’t think of cheesecake as “cheese”, and more than I do cream cheese icing, which I adore. Just strange, I suppose.

  • You come over and I’LL GET MORE!! 🙂

    All 3 of those cheeses are light goat cheeses, even the pepper one. Not as “barnyard” a Feta cheese. If you’re willing to try again, I would definitely recommend you start with a good quality, light goat cheese. It might also help if you get one that is flavoured, like with the pepper or herbs, or fruit. Also, there are blended goat and cow cheeses, which might help “ease” you into eating goat cheese.

    Or, you could just come over and we’ll go through all the cheeses I can find until we get one you love! 🙂 

  •  Mmmmm… goat cheesecake!

  • OMG you’re so fucken civilized and cultured! So I guess the moral of the story is: never serve Nicky crackers and Cheezwhiz…would you hate me? I think that would be an automatic right? 

  • My friend lives sur le Plateau Mont Royal…are you anywhere near there? Next time I go to Montreal, we definitely have to get together. She would probably love to meet you as well, and she, like yourself, is a connaisseur of cheese and wines. It would be great. You two wouldn’t mind me eaten the crackers and cheesewhiz, right? 

  • Great, thanks a bunch. I just had dinner and now I’m starving again! 

  • You said it Boom Boom! Nummy!! 🙂 

  • I’m only civilized and cultured when it comes to cheese. And I could never hate you! But don’t serve me crackers and Cheezwhiz to test that theory, ok? 🙂 

  • That would be AWESOME! I’m on the north shore, but it’s only a 20-minute drive to the Plateau. You say when and I’ll be there!! I’ll even bring extra crackers and Cheezwhiz for you 🙂 

  • Then my work here is done. 🙂 

  • OMG. *drooling* over here! 

  • Lured by the promise of the title, I came over here hoping to see some pretty goats, and what do I get? More cheese. Cheese. Everywhere. It’s like this whole blog is dedicated to cheese, or something.

  • That’s it, I’m bringing you some homemade French bread and a dozen different cheeses! 🙂

  • Um, Lemmikki? It says cheese in the title. And really, a blog dedicated to cheese? Insanity, I say!! It would be like a blog dedicated to a person’s personal inferno…

  • Um…YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Soooo….

    I’m here in Ohio, and thought of this post yesterday when I went to Jeni’s Ice Cream, which is this artisanal ice cream company based here, in Columbus, and I saw that one of their summer flavors was Goat Cheese with Red Cherries.

    Oh, man.  Their description: Goat Cheese with Red Cherries
    Sweet-tart cherries balanced by the natural tang of pure Mackenzie Creamery goat cheese. Like a rich, luscious cherry cheesecake, but a little less dense.
    You gotta try this stuff.  It was incredible.  All of their ice creams are great.  How quickly can you get to Ohio (also, I’m bored here, so before I leave this afternoon would be good…)?

  • OMG!!! That sounds so freakin’ amazing!! I’m on my way…oh, wait. You’ve probably already left. Dammit!

  • MMMmmmmm, goat cheese.

    I forgot, you Canadians call it Kraft Dinner. I think I heard it first from the Barenaked Ladies’ “If I Had a Milion Dollars”

    P.S. I am not kidding, but right now I’m sitting in front the TV with the sound down and you know what commercial is on?

    Pajama jeans!!!!

  • MMMmmmmm, nummy!

    Wait, what do Americans call it? 

    I’m sitting in front of the TV with the sound down and WEARING pajama  jeans! It’s like we’re the same person! 🙂

  • We call it macaroni and cheese. Does it actually say Kraft Dinner on the boxes in Canada or something?

    We should call it Kraft Dinner because it’s the best mac-n-cheese in a box; nobody comes close to it. We should call it Super Awesome Kraft Cheese Meal. ‘Cause it’s the cheesiest!

  • I believe it says Kraft Dinner on all the boxes all over the world. But I wouldn’t bet a million dollars on it.

    Margaret, I have got to cook you a proper macaroni and cheese so you stop believing that KD is all that. It isn’t all that. It isn’t even a little that. It’s gross. And orange. And powder is NOT cheese so it couldn’t possibly be the cheesiest!!!


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