He Got My Goat…Cheese

So, Mike came over the other night and brought along some delicious goat cheeses.

goat cheeses

I've tried coming up with a clever caption, but in the end, all I got is "Mmmmm, nummy!"

When he called me about getting together to sample the cheese, he was at the grocery store. It was already late afternoon and he told me he was going to finish doing his groceries, eat something, so some stuff, etc. etc. so he would be over later.

When he finally came over, we had already eaten and he was starving. That’s right, he did his groceries, did some other stuff, etc. etc., but never got around to eating! He considered ordering something but couldn’t decide on what which led him to say something that left me looking at him askance.

Yes, askance.

He asked if I had any macaroni and cheese.

“Like, in a box?” I asked, after managing to unboggle my mind ever so slightly. “Like, Kraft Dinner macaroni and cheese?” Yes, that is exactly what he was asking for. “No!” was my decidely condescending reply. “I do NOT have any of that. I can MAKE you some macaroni and cheese, if you like.”

So, I made him supper despite the fact he decided to behave like a savage. Luckily, later on in the evening, he brought out the goat cheese and proved he was, indeed, a civilized human being.

There were three goat cheeses:    Le Crémeux au poivre (the creamy with pepper), Bûche Soignon (Log from Soignon) and Elite Cranberry and Port goat cheese.

creamy goat cheese with pepper

Mmmmmmmm, nummy!

Le Crémeux is a rich goat cheese with pepper blended into the cheese. Blending the pepper in is soooooo much better than cheeses that are rolled in pepper! The pepper enhances the taste of the goat cheese, rather than overpowering it. Even Jake, who was lured by the smell of freshly baked French bread, agreed it was perfect! High praise, indeed!

goat cheese

Mmmmm, ok.


The  Bûche Soignon was a light goat cheese. Very light. Maybe a little too light. After tasting Le Crémeux, we found it to be a bit lacking in flavour. It’s appearance was reminiscent of Le Cendrillon, the award winning cheese we’d previously sampled, as was the texture, but the taste, while far from unpleasant, was simply a tad uninspired.

goat cheese with cranberry and port

Mmmmmmmmm, verrrrrry nummy!

The Elite Cranberry and Port cheese is a cousin to the Blueberry Pomegranate cheese I wrote about a while back when I had lost my mind and decided to self-diagnose and then self-medicate. It was, and still is, the best cheese I have ever tasted, although the Cranberry and Port definitely demonstrated the cranberry doesn’t fall far from the blueberry pomegranate tree. Or something like that. In other words, it was great. Obviously a dessert cheese, it was lovely on French bread, but probably would have been even better on a graham cracker. Instant cheesecake!

Well, as the song goes, two outta three ain’t bad!

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