Who Wants Ice Cream?

Since my last post was kind of depressing and morbid, here’s something completely frivolous and light hearted. It’s not cheese, but it comes from the same animal. Mostly.

It’s not too hard to smile while watching these two. This is probably where they got the expression “parlor tricks” from.

  • she didn’t pay.

  • Yummy! Ice Cream! I love the song they used in this video. And that ice cream guy is like a magician!

  • That was so adorable! It really made my day! I love it! Thanks Mike!!!

  • Oh my god, if I were her, I’d be screaming “Give me my fucking ice cream already!!” I take my ice cream very seriously.

  • I wish I could (or aspired to) have as much fun scooping ice cream when I had to do the same in our seasonal business (see my comment on “Sunstainability”). Yes, besides doling out worms by hand we also sooped ice cream, just not at the same time and most likely to the relief of the customers.

  • Oh she paid alright. I’m pretty sure he lifted her purse while she was mesmerized by his sneaky ice cream tricks.

  • Totally makes me want ice cream every time I watch it!

  • You’re welcome, Linda! I find it impossible not to smile at that one!

  • Oh I wouldn’t mess with the ice cream guys. I get the impression that they take their ice cream even more seriously. Didn’t you see those moves??

  • Wouldn’t it be great if your worm shop and comedy stands were side by side? Comedy ensues.

  • That was fun! I will have that music stuck in my brain all day…C’est la vie say the the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell….

  • I wrote comedy stand. I meant ice cream of course.

  • 🙂

  • Cool video. Except now I want ice cream. Sure, taunt us, Mike.

  • This made me smile!

    Okay so I’m trying your new toy here by mentioning

  • That’s pretty cool. Where did you get this thing?

  • Hey, I’m just the messenger. The guy in the video is a way worse taunter 😉

  • Oh, that is pretty cool! Did that come with the last Disqus update? I try it now.


  • Yep, that tune will never lose its catchiness!

  • I think you have to use the @

  • I did. It worked, no?

  • Well, this is sort of cool @redheadranting:twitter .

  • It is cool, not sure what I’m supposed to do about it but still cool.

  • I would hope that after the ice cream got all of that exercise it would be calorie free! Wow!

  • If he’d kept it going much longer I may have become irritated by it. But that was just long enough to make me smile!

    Hope it worked.

  • Now where is the fun in calorie free ice cream? If it’s just once in awhile, I say go for the real thing!

  • I know what you mean. There are actually a bunch of these Turkish ice cream guy videos out there and some of the customers are not impressed.



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