What Happened To Cheese Tortellini?

Something very strange has been going on.

First of all, tortellini is just about my favorite stuffed pasta shape in the world. And it’s got to be cheese tortellini every time. There’s always been something about meat tortellini that I just don’t trust since you can never be 100% sure of what kind of meat is in there.

So, back to cheese tortellini.

1kg bag cheese tortellini villa ravioliThis is a 1kg bag of tortellini. I think this translates into 4 miles in the United States and can usually serve a family of four. Or me in 2 sittings. The thing is, these bags have been disappearing lately. At first I thought the grocery store was out of them. Then I started to notice smaller bags (like 1/4 of the size) appearing. These small bags could barely feed a family of 2, so you’d have to buy more of them, which ends up being more expensive than buying the 1kg bag. Conspiracy?

But then all of the bags disappeared! There was no tortellini to be found. None at the 4 Brothers. Nil at the Metro. Zip at the Loblaws. Fuck all at Provigo. And none in my goddamn freezer!

Yeah, I get pissed when I can’t find one of my culinary staples.

What’s a more simple and satisfying meal/snack than tortellini with fresh basil or sun dried tomato pesto? Nothing. That’s what.

However, there was a ray of sunshine last night at 1am. I’m riding home from work (yes, I’ve been working some gloriously fucked up hours) and stop in at a 24 hour grocery store. I lock my bike and push my way past the hobos and swaying college girls who haven’t yet figured out how to walk in heels and be drunk at the same time.

My intent was to buy some milk, but it hit me that I should see if they have some and OMFG they did. So I bought three 1kg bags of cheese tortellini.

As I rode home, the frozen pasta in my backpack slowly numbing my spine, I wondered if this was the end of the drought. Is tortellini back? Has this been happening in other parts of the continent?

How’s the tortellini situation where you live?








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