Alien Storm Cloud

So, remember how I was going on about that gigantic cumulonimbus mushroom cloud? Well this is what it turned into an hour later. Someone was kind enough (and brave enough) to shoot some video of it as it transformed into a massive horizontal heat lightning storm a la War Of The Worlds.

The rotating light is the spotlight from Place Ville Marie, a block away from my office.

The Demon Storm from operatique on Vimeo.

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  • Jepeto

    My bad. I cut the cheese.

  • That cloud is crazy. War of the Worlds is a good descriptor. The other night we were driving just south of Chicago,Illinois and we saw an identical cloud.   I didn’t have a camera handy to get a photo.

  • Very cool on video.  Maybe a bit scary up close and in person.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus christ, that looks like something out of an alian movie!!  Very cool yet creepy.

  • SP

    A very brave person …!

  • Holy. Crap.

  • Oh my word!  If I saw something like that I’d be petrified.  It looks like an alien Horror movie.

  • Lies! The cloud was to the south and you live in the north!

  • They’re impressive to see in person, no?

    Sudden storms are one of my favorite things about summer. But sometimes these things get just a little bit too big.

  • Definitely scary in person. The definition of ominous.

  •  Exactly what I said!

  • Yep. The cloud totally looks like some kind of entity.

  • Thankfully the storm far enough away that the camera person was not in any danger.

  • Don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like that crazy cloud before.

  • You underestimate his capabilities.

  • Wow!  You usually have to take some pretty powerful drugs to see a light show like that.  

    Oh so I’ve heard…

  • That’s what I hear too. Rumors as far as I know…

  • Thanks. Now I don’t want to know what else he’s capable of.

  • I’m dittoing Jayne with : “Wow!” We never get pretty lightning storms where I live. But I’m not dittoing what Jayne and Mike say about drugs. At least not the part about it being a “rumor”.  🙂

  • Jepeto

    I am not capable of sucking my own dick, i already debated on that matter. Well unless you remove your floating rib, some say, which i am not prepared to do.

  • Jepeto

    It was during my lunch break, and i DO work downtown. I had asparagus quiche, raviolis and lima bean. I was in a very bad mood. Sorry MTL.

  • This conversation ends here!

  • It’s true. Sometimes you can’t believe everything you hear, so you have to find out for yourself.

  • I was half expecting to see that spaceship from Close Encounters emerge from the cloud.  Cool video!

  • Fake. Totally fake. Please, for the love of God, tell me it’s fake. I will never, ever, ever come to even more Canada if that’s the sort of weather you guys have.

    I do love a good storm, but not one that looks like it took an angry pill and is now out to get you.

  • Or so you’ve heard…

  • They don’t call me “Ole ear to the ground Mike” for nothing!

  • That’s what makes it so awesome! It was so angry looking but in the end, it just wanted to play with us mortals and make us a little wet. Totally friendly.

  • I still can’t get over the scale of it. The building with the spotlight is 45 stories tall to give some perspective.


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