Heatwave, Shmeatwave

That’s right. It’s hot. 95 degrees hot. Like everywhere. Yet I can’t help but think…

This is great!

I know. It sucks if you have respiratory issues and it could suck if your A/C doesn’t work (raises hand). However, the clouds were freakin’ amazing even if the rain that eventually poured out of them did shit to cut the humidity.

This is what I saw when I left the office at 8pm. Yep. Giant massive Cumulonimbus mushroom cloud rising up University Boulevard. The pic does not do it any kind of justice so I thought I should ride to higher ground.cumulonimbus montreal

So I rode up the hill as fast as I could in 95 degree heat (with 1000 degree humidity), and when I got to the top, I burst into flames. When I recovered, I took the next pic. I think I have to learn how to use my Nexus S, because I clearly don’t know how to frame a shot. Anyway, it’s a really tall cloud:
cumulonimbus park avenue

While I’m taking pictures and emanating fire from my pores, a wino approaches me swinging a bottle in a paper bag and tells me to take a picture “of the red”. “Of the sunset?”, I ask.

“The red! Better!”, he shakes a dirty finger at the western sky.
“It’s not going to come out. Look at the preview. It’s all white!”
“Red! Take red!”

Then he takes my wrist and help me to focus.

“Ok ok. I’m shooting the red! Look, it came out like shit.”
“Ehhhh…”, he says while stumbling a few feet away to spit up something gooey which I did not inspect.

cumulonimbus sunset ave du parcAnd there’s your sunset. None of the red is visible and it looks like crap, as predicted. But I’m posting it anyway.

I don’t remember what happened next, but I think it mostly had to do with me riding for awhile trying to trick my brain into thinking that the breeze was cooling me off, when it was mostly moving the sweat from one part of my face to another.

Good ole heatwaves 🙂

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