Heatwave, Shmeatwave

That’s right. It’s hot. 95 degrees hot. Like everywhere. Yet I can’t help but think…

This is great!

I know. It sucks if you have respiratory issues and it could suck if your A/C doesn’t work (raises hand). However, the clouds were freakin’ amazing even if the rain that eventually poured out of them did shit to cut the humidity.

This is what I saw when I left the office at 8pm. Yep. Giant massive Cumulonimbus mushroom cloud rising up University Boulevard. The pic does not do it any kind of justice so I thought I should ride to higher ground.cumulonimbus montreal

So I rode up the hill as fast as I could in 95 degree heat (with 1000 degree humidity), and when I got to the top, I burst into flames. When I recovered, I took the next pic. I think I have to learn how to use my Nexus S, because I clearly don’t know how to frame a shot. Anyway, it’s a really tall cloud:
cumulonimbus park avenue

While I’m taking pictures and emanating fire from my pores, a wino approaches me swinging a bottle in a paper bag and tells me to take a picture “of the red”. “Of the sunset?”, I ask.

“The red! Better!”, he shakes a dirty finger at the western sky.
“It’s not going to come out. Look at the preview. It’s all white!”
“Red! Take red!”

Then he takes my wrist and help me to focus.

“Ok ok. I’m shooting the red! Look, it came out like shit.”
“Ehhhh…”, he says while stumbling a few feet away to spit up something gooey which I did not inspect.

cumulonimbus sunset ave du parcAnd there’s your sunset. None of the red is visible and it looks like crap, as predicted. But I’m posting it anyway.

I don’t remember what happened next, but I think it mostly had to do with me riding for awhile trying to trick my brain into thinking that the breeze was cooling me off, when it was mostly moving the sweat from one part of my face to another.

Good ole heatwaves 🙂

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  • Mikewj

    How come the wino wasn’t complaining about the heat? How come sunsets always look better in person than in pictures? How come it has to get so fucking hot in ther summertime? How come cumlonimbus is spelled Cumulonimbus instead of Columbus? I mean what the fuck?

  • Between the wind, the rain, the heat, humidity and the A/C, a funnel cloud appeared in the corner of my living room last night.

  • I think that one of those clouds form in my bathroom this morning after I took my shower…It’s sad when a hot shower feels refreshingly cool…

  • Whenever I’m with you
    Something inside starts burning
    and my heart’s filled with fire

    Stop this – it’s got a hold on me
    I said this ain’t the way it’s supposed to be

    It’s like a HEATWAVE burning in my heart
    I can’t keep from crying
    Tearing me apart

    Seemed appropriate.

  • I think it’s hot everywhere.  My friends moved to PA, and it was hotter there yesterday than it was here in the South.  Our temp reached 95 and the heat index was 101.  I love clouds!  No neat ones here lately.

  • I try (try is subjective here) to not overly complain about the heat but we are at a county fair today and the real temp will be 101, heat index 111 with no air conditioner to be had.  I am getting ready to leave the hotel and there is the thought that maybe becoming a nudist today is an option. 

    I think the problem is we aren’t used to it. As a kid I could hang out at the fair all day.  Our home wasn’t air conditioned so I was used to the heat.   The wino doesn’t turn the thermosat down to 69 at night. 

  • The wino couldn’t feel the heat. Or anything else for that matter.
    Sunsets look better in person because pictures don’t capture feelings.
    Summer. I know. Damn those planetary orbits!

    Your last question is weird. Too hot to answer it now.

  • Take shelter in the fridge. It’s the safest place.

  • It’s out of control. I just took a shower and already need another one!

  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry, I’m laug….hahahahahaha….hing at the photo of the red sunset.

    Sorry you’re so hot, but glad I’m not!

  • Quite apropos!

  • The wino probably has it right. He was so drunk that he probably got the cold sweats. Not the best tradeoff.

  • Clouds are cool, but in this heat they can quickly turn into thunderstorms (which are cool too), or tornadoes (not so cool).

  • SP

    104 degrees here …. Are you sure it is 95 and sunny there? Pictures are dark and gloomy  🙂

  • Some cool British weather would be great right now, but considering our winters, I’m not complaining (too much).

  • Yep, the first pic was around 8pm, downtown, sandwiched between high rises. Lots of shadows at that time 🙂

    104? Really? Time for a tub of ice!

  • “Red sky at night, sailors’ delight.  Red in the morning, sailors take warning.”  Since you bike to work, a red sunset is a good indication that there shouldn’t be any storms or rain in the morning.

    I do see a bit of red in the second pic and the size of that cloud is incredible!  Here we have, how should I say, more phallic looking cumulus clouds – they come and go, depending on the humidity – which sometimes results in isolated thunderstorms and the combined mass of about 650 kgs (250 pounds) of canines trying to crawl into my lap.

    Yep, it be hot and sticky and (because of the dogs) hairy here, too.

    I miss winter.


  • It was a scorcher yesterday wasn’t it? Aylmer was no different. Although my approach to the heat was different from yours. At 8pm I was in the pool sipping back a couple of Coronas. Seemed to work quite well. I love summer.

  • Be careful what you wish for.

  • I’m just amazed you didn’t melt completely.  When it’s hot, I can barely move.  We don’t get much hot here, but when it happens, we’re ill equipped to deal with it.  (No A/C for example.)  I used to be able to stand it a lot better than I can now.  Now, I pack up the dogs and run to a hotel that is air conditioned.  Fortunately, it only tops 70 a couple of times a year.  Usually it’s 67 and partly cloudy.  Stay cool, Mike!

  • SP

    8 pm? I thought 8 am! That makes sense 🙂

    It was 104 earlier now down to 100 .. I spent the day sitting next to the A/C to be on the safe side. Plan to do the same tomorrow!

  • You just reminded me of a time when I went camping and our neighbors gigantic Mastiff followed us around everywhere we went. He constantly rubbed up against us leaving sweaty dog hair on our legs. If the wind is blowing just right, I can still smell that dog.

  • That is an excellent option. I did that yesterday, but without the pool.

  • My A/C isn’t working, but my place doesn’t get that hot in the summer. Even in crazy heat. The cross draft helps. I remember San Fran in the summer, and it can get cold! Especially when the fog rolls in.

  •  I think it was Mark Twain who said “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”.  He was right!

  • He was a smart dude. He was right about lots of stuff!

  • I’m glad you recovered after bursting into flames! And, I seriously thought the wino was going to end up having some kind of magical photo taking abilities. 

  • HA HA!!!!  Wonder what he was spitting out…. and if red meant something else to him…. and I think those clouds are AMAZING!  I am loving the heat, b/c I hate cold cold winter!!!

  • Exactly! Enjoy the heat while we have it!

    Pretty sure that “red” was code for “i’m really drunk right now”.

  • I know! In the end he didn’t have much talent in the photo taking department. He was pretty good at completing the wino image though.

  • I remember you mentioning him – the mastiff, I mean – in an earlier post.  They are nasty droolers, too!

  • Hey, it did snow here once!  It was in 1976 – I remember because I went to Florida for school in January that year where it snowed as well.  They only had flurries here, but it was snow nonetheless!

  • I’m sure I’ve told that story before. The drool was traumatizing and not something you could ever forget!

  • Pffft…..95 is a walk in the park. It’s been a steady 109 for days in Phoenix. But finally rain last night so we now are also enjoying lots of humidity too. 

  • 109 is just ridiculous! I’m surprised that car tires don’t melt and stick to the road in that heat.

    I did feel 120 in Death Valley once, but at that heat there just doesn’t seem to be any need to measure it anymore!

  • 🙂

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