I Had A Dream

My position was abolished today. I have to find a new job. What’s new with you?


poor, homeless, woman, itinerant, beggar

This is what I'll look like in a few weeks, but with much better shoes.

Early in April, I resigned from my position. I was offered a promotion as an incentive to stay on. I stupidly accepted. About a month later, the Senior VP who promoted me was fired. The writing was on the wall.

This week I reached my breaking point and decided it was time to stop playing nice with the other slaves. Things came to a head this morning when I told my boss I was completely ready, willing and able to play nice if the company was prepared to do the same. I issued an ultimatum of sorts. Things had to change or they had to let me go.

They opted to let me go. It’s a relief, actually. I realize there are so many people who are looking for a job, desperately, and would say I’m an idiot for doing what I did. Maybe. Probably. I know I would have been a basket case in a matter of weeks if things kept going the way they were.

Well, as the HR director told me: “When one door closes, another one opens.”

lemonade, lemon garnish, lemon twist

When life hands you a lemon, you could slice it up and use it as garnish for your gin and tonics. Or you could always throw it in the face of the person who tells you "When one door closes, another one opens." Either way, really.


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