Roadtrip to New Jersey

Early Thursday morning, I set out for a roadtrip to New Jersey to meet a wonderfully funny blogger, Meleah. I love driving, I love Meleah so I have been literally BOUNCING off the walls all week!

My roadtrip started out a little rough.

decarie autoroute, traffic, cars

The weather sucked, and there was a ton of traffic. Not the start I was hoping for, but I was still excited!

I finally made it to the border:

New York, customs border

Look! It's sunny in America! A divine sign if ever there was one! I'm so freakin' excited, I'm totally abusing exclamation points!!!

The customs officer was a total hottie. I was too vain to put my glasses on to read his name so we’ll just call him Officer Hottie. I think Officer Hottie is going to have a couple of sleepless nights, and I don’t know how I made it into the country based on the conversation we had!

Officer Hottie: Where are you going today?
Me: New Jersey! (totally excited and grinning maniacally)
Officer Hottie: And what are you going to do there?
Me: Meeting a friend
Officer Hottie: Your friend’s name?
Me: Meleah Rebecca Hawethorne! (And I grin like a moron)
Officer Hottie: How do you know Maria?
Me: Meleah
Officer Hottie: Sorry. How do you know Meleah?
Me: I met her on the Internet
Officer Hottie: You met a girl on the Internet?
Me: Yup (another moronic grin)
Officer Hottie: *stares blankly*
Me: We’re both bloggers
Officer Hottie: So, you’ve never actually met her before
Me: Nope (moronic grin)
Officer Hottie: *stares blankly*
Me: *grin*
Officer Hottie: So, you’re driving to New Jersey to meet a girl you met on the Internet
Me: Yup (moronic grin)
Officer Hottie: Hope we see you back here in a couple of days

Officer Hottie also asked me what kind of blog I wrote, and when I said it was a humour blog, he told me to make him laugh. I responded by asking if I could take his picture. His answer was a very unamused “NO!”.  Actually, now that I think about it, Officer Hottie may not be losing any sleep over my potential demise at the hands of Meleah Rebecca Hawthorne, the crazy serial killer from New Jersey!

In any case, I continued on my way and enjoyed the beautiful drive through the state of New York:

girl driving, steering wheel

I love driving and upstate New York is a gorgeous place to drive.

I did hit a bit more traffic once I got to New Jersey:

cars, new jersey turnpike, traffic jam

Just like traffic in Montreal, only sunnier!

I finally made it to Meleah’s neck of New Jersey and called her to tell her I arrived. I called her while standing in the hotel lobby and forewarned the desk clerk that I would be yelling excitedly for quite a while. Which I did. When Meleah got to the hotel, we squeeeeeeeed, and hugged and jumped around like 14-year old girls! It was AWESOME!

I got the tour of her house, met her family and basically followed her around like a puppy!

girls hugging


We went to KHCC, the local country club and Meleah’s favourite hangout where we enjoyed cocktails and a bite to eat:

bacon cheddar cheeseburger

I had the world's greatest cheeseburger in the history of cheeseburgers!

Amazingly, we had a DOUBLE celebrity siting while at the club:

Tony Bennett lookalike, T Mobile girl lookalike

Tony Bennett and the chick from the T Mobile commercials showed up!!

I may never go home! 🙂

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