We’re All Out Of Post Titles

I was going to write about my vacation, but Nicky used up all the good post titles. See, I couldn’t call my post “Road Trip To New York” because it sounds too similar to Roadtrip To New Jersey. And, I couldn’t put the word “Vacation” in the title because Nicky used it in her vacation ideas post. So there you go.

I’m happy to say that I accomplished (or almost) every goal I set out to do in these last few weeks.

1. Join a band: It’s not official but I joined a musician exchange and met up with a group of dudes who play hard rock and blues. They even called me back to play with them a second time, but I was on my way out of town. More to come!

2. Go out of town: I took a roadtrip to New York with my dad and we covered all of Manhattan in 4 days. We even saw Chris Rock in “The Motherfucker with The Hat“. Worth it just to hear my dad order tickets. The show has been getting great reviews, but not doing so great at the box office. Seems the title scares people away. Weird.

3. Eat a lot of cheese: Like I ever don’t.

4. Get fat: It’s official. I look like I’m 2 months pregnant. Awesome. Next year: man boobs.

5. Go Canoing: Done. It was just like last year except the river was much higher. We actually had to duck our heads when we passed under bridges.

6. Write and record a song: Done. It sucks and is not for public consumption, but it’s done.

Enough. Here are some pics:

One night after our failed attempt at seeing the B52s play the Montreal Jazz Fest, me, Sue and John stopped at The Main for some blintzes. Normally I’d order the cheese blintzes, but Sue is lactose intolerant. *glares at Sue*

the main's blueberry blintzes

When I was a kid, this was known as a Brontosaurus. Now it’s known as an Apatosaurus . Science may be messing with my childhood memories, but New York’s Museum of Natural History is still awesome. I felt like I was 12 again. News flash: dinosaurs were fucking huge.

apatosaurus brontosaurus museum of natural history

Apartments along Park Avenue. New York’s density is astounding. I know. Understatement.

park avenue apartments central park

Me and my dad stopped for a toasted cheese sandwich at a little Greenwich Village cafe. Those New Yorkers love their Art Deco.

toasted cheese sandwich greenwich village
Speaking of Art Deco, this is as close as I got to The Chrysler Building. My one true love. Yes…one day we’ll meet face to face. It’s hard to find words to describe how glorious this building is. Art Deco on steroids.

chrysler building central station



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