Things To Do On Vacation

Are you looking for things to do on vacation? Here’s a comment I left on Facebook when asked what I was going to do during my vacation:

Doin’ somethin’ if I feel like doin’ somethin’, doin’ nuthin’ when I feel like doin’ nuthin’. Gonna daydream and write and sing off tune. Gonna go to the beach, have a picnic and take a nap. Gonna occasionally face reality and laundry. Gonna read, gonna laugh. Gonna drink sangria. A lot. Gonna walk, gonna play, gonna sit and watch the world go by. Gonna do everythin’ and nuthin’. And I’m gonna do it all in the next 12 days.

And that’s what I did.

graduate, high school prom, graduation

I started my vacation by sending my baby boy to his high school prom. His smile says "The future is mine!". My smile says "Maybe now he'll move out!!".

mcdonalds, golden arches, double rainbow,

After leaving Jake, I drove home and saw a double rainbow that led not to a pot of gold, but rather, to golden arches.


laptop, smoking, reading, typing

I spent a great deal of time in this chair, reading, writing, daydreaming and singing off tune. My laptop, mp3 player and smokes were my faithful companions.


feet, sand, Oka beach

Here I am at the beach. I was going to post a pic of me in a bikini, but the pasty whiteness of my skin kept causing the camera to explode when pointed at me. We had a picnic here, but I forgot to take pictures. You'll just have to take my word for it.


Oka beach, kids, lake, summer, Oka cheese, Oka National Park

My son Kane is my saviour. He kept Max occupied while I attempted to increase my chances of skin cancer. By the way, the beach we are at is Oka Beach, and it is part of a Oka National Park. Oka is also the region of Quebec where Oka cheese is made. You have not lived until you have tried Oka cheese.


clothesline, towels

I did, indeed, face reality and did some laundry.


laundry, clothes pegs, clothes pins

I quickly came to the conclusion that reality and laundry suck. So I made Jake do it.


cat, table

I had a few profound conversations with Lola about the meaning of life and why she wants to kill me so badly.


red flowers

I walked a lot. I stopped and smelled the roses. They smell like roses.


glass, ice cubes, red wine

Mostly, though, I drank sangria.

Had I known I was going to be laid off from my job one week after my vacations ended, I would probably have had more sangria.


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  • Looks like you’ll have more time for those deep and meaningful conversations with the cat now. Oka? Boy do I remember Oka from my time with Indian Affairs.

  • Mikewj

    What’s to stop you from having a lot of sangria now? Nothing! I say you stay drunk except for interviews, and maybe even for some of them, until you get a job and have a whole ‘nother excuse to keep on being drunk.

    P.S. I like the color of your toenail polish. Contrasts well with the sand.

  • Mmmm that sangria looks tasty!

  • That’s the right approach to vacationing.  Now if only it could somehow be turned into a paying position…

  • *hic* thash ha fablush *hic* shtragedy M’chul.

    P.S. Thank you. They are actually painted 3 different colours. I couldn’t decide between red, bright pink and a soft pink, so I painted each toenail a different colour.

  • Or more time for her to try and kill me!! Oka is such a beautiful area, Crisis and politics notwithstanding. What did you do with Indian Affairs?

  • Now I’m jealous. Having lived within half hour of the beach for many years, this post reminded me of what I’m missing since moving up here.  Just that one photo of your feet brought it all flooding back!

  • Would you believe “communications”?

  • So it was YOUR fault?!?! 🙂

  • It was, is, and always will be my favourite summer beverage!! It’s sooooo good! 🙂

  • Yeah, what’s up with that? Little help here, God? Been a while since you’ve given us a miracle…

  • Oka beach is about 30 minutes from where I live and it’s my favourite beach. I can’t imagine not being able to go there, at least once every summer. You need to take a road trip Babs! Grab Mo and the bikinis and have yourselves an adventure! 🙂

  • Oh Nicky, now THAT’S a real vacation! Man, I wish I was there in Canada with you! And, now I am craving a nice cold glass of sangria!

    *sorry for abusing exclamation points. apparently, I’m overly excited.*

  • Ha ha ha! Mo and I in bikinis would clear the beach in seconds hahahaha!

  • Come on by, anytime!! I’ve got some chillin’ in the fridge right now! And I will even abuse exclamation points in your honour just because I’m overly everything!!!!


  • Well go ahead and clear the beach then! You only live once…


  • YIPPPPEEEEEE!!! Amy and I are already talking about REALLY planning a trip
    together to see you!!

  • Your vacation looks amazing.  I’m surprised how much I love just “chilling”.  Now, I do like to go places, but I like to go someplace and then come home.  Lola looks like a very intelligent cat.  There’s something about the intensity of the pose.  I like her.  Smokey is very intelligent too.  If your baby was here, Smokey would hide from him.  He’s smart like that.

    When you visit, you can drink Sangria and smoke cigarettes to your heart’s content.  I may even join you.  Well, of course I’d join you.   Your son is a man!  And a good looking one!  Wow!  He’s TALL.  (Or maybe you are quite petite.  I’m not sure.”  Max is getting big too! 

    Find a job but tell them you have a commitment to a very sick friend in California to visit her in September.  Just don’t mention the “mentally sick” part.

  • Well not me personally.

  • My vacation was amazing. It really was the perfect balance of doing something and doing nothing. I like to go places too, which is why I saved New Jersey for the end of my vacations. Icing on the cake!

    Lola is a very smart cat. During many of our conversations, she was quite articulate regarding her thoughts reabout garding the effect people have had on animals and the world as a whole. It would appear her belief that humanity has ruined this perfectly good planet is the reason behind her attempts to kill me. As a matter of fact, the intense gaze you noticed came right after she told me to “Look over there!”

    Jake is tall and I am not. I was also wearing flat shoes that day, so the difference is even more noticeable. I’m short on account of sangria and cigarettes stunting my growth.

    I haven’t given up on the idea of Cali in September…just might take some creative negotiating on my part when I find a job! 🙂

  • I am COMPLETELY serious when I say: ANY TIME!! I would love to show you two around!

  • That’s what they ALL say, Dufus! 🙂

  • donnyosmondforever

    And now I will shamelessly compliment you and say that you look incredibly bad ass in the pic of you smoking and surfing the net.  BTW Lola is in on the plan that Jepeto and I hatched long ago… she’s a good cat !

  • Jepeto

    Shhhhh……say no more sweetie pie…it will “happen” soon…

  • DonnyO, I will forgive you for hatching the plot to kill me just for that “bad ass” comment. You made my freakin’ day with that!!!!

  • The last time I wished for time with just nothing I had to do I broke my neck and ended up in the hospital for a month.  The Universe has a wicked sense of humor.   I soooo want a vacation like yours.  Can’t even imagine what it would be like not to have every second of my day already spoken for.  I had to steal these few minutes just to write this comment.  🙁

  • I absolutely love the picture of you with the laptop and the smokes! You look hot, babe. And since you’re basically on vacation again, you can do it all over again!

  • Ok, DON’T break your neck again!! There has got to be a better way for you to take some time off 🙂

    I know you’re going to be busy for the next little while, I appreciate you taking the time to pop in. I hope you can find a little bit of time to enjoy yourself…

  • Ziva, beautiful Ziva, this is why I love you even though you hate cheese! Thank you Lemmikki!!

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  • That sounds like a wonderful vacation, well except for the laundry. I love your cat.  Aren’t torties interesting?  Is there anything as too much sangria?  I’d love to try some of that cheese?  What is it similar to?

    Oh, I love my mini, too.

  • It was a great vacation! Lola is a very interesting cat, even though she’s trying to kill me…or maybe because of it!! Nope, no such thing as too much sangria! You’ve thrown me off with your question – what cheese? I didn’t mention cheese in this post…?

    Nobody touches my mini except me! 🙂

  • “Oka is also the region of Quebec where Oka cheese is made. You have not lived until you have tried Oka cheese.”

    That cheese!

  • Doh! Sorry, I think my brain was fried by the sun!! Oka cheese is similar to…hmmmm, that’s a tough one! It’s a firm cheese, but not hard. Maybe a little like Gouda, but tastier. Sorry, it’s hard to describe…it’s a very unique flavour!

  • Yipeee!!

    *sorry for the delayed reply. Been crazy busy!


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