Things To Do On Vacation

Are you looking for things to do on vacation? Here’s a comment I left on Facebook when asked what I was going to do during my vacation:

Doin’ somethin’ if I feel like doin’ somethin’, doin’ nuthin’ when I feel like doin’ nuthin’. Gonna daydream and write and sing off tune. Gonna go to the beach, have a picnic and take a nap. Gonna occasionally face reality and laundry. Gonna read, gonna laugh. Gonna drink sangria. A lot. Gonna walk, gonna play, gonna sit and watch the world go by. Gonna do everythin’ and nuthin’. And I’m gonna do it all in the next 12 days.

And that’s what I did.

graduate, high school prom, graduation

I started my vacation by sending my baby boy to his high school prom. His smile says "The future is mine!". My smile says "Maybe now he'll move out!!".

mcdonalds, golden arches, double rainbow,

After leaving Jake, I drove home and saw a double rainbow that led not to a pot of gold, but rather, to golden arches.


laptop, smoking, reading, typing

I spent a great deal of time in this chair, reading, writing, daydreaming and singing off tune. My laptop, mp3 player and smokes were my faithful companions.


feet, sand, Oka beach

Here I am at the beach. I was going to post a pic of me in a bikini, but the pasty whiteness of my skin kept causing the camera to explode when pointed at me. We had a picnic here, but I forgot to take pictures. You'll just have to take my word for it.


Oka beach, kids, lake, summer, Oka cheese, Oka National Park

My son Kane is my saviour. He kept Max occupied while I attempted to increase my chances of skin cancer. By the way, the beach we are at is Oka Beach, and it is part of a Oka National Park. Oka is also the region of Quebec where Oka cheese is made. You have not lived until you have tried Oka cheese.


clothesline, towels

I did, indeed, face reality and did some laundry.


laundry, clothes pegs, clothes pins

I quickly came to the conclusion that reality and laundry suck. So I made Jake do it.


cat, table

I had a few profound conversations with Lola about the meaning of life and why she wants to kill me so badly.


red flowers

I walked a lot. I stopped and smelled the roses. They smell like roses.


glass, ice cubes, red wine

Mostly, though, I drank sangria.

Had I known I was going to be laid off from my job one week after my vacations ended, I would probably have had more sangria.


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