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These clouds look like mashed potatoes. I had mashed potatoes for supper last night. Coincidence? I think not.

I had a bad dream. I don’t know if it’s a blogger’s bad dream or an assistant publisher’s bad dream.

I dreamed I had written a poem for an incredibly beautiful, talented girl I know. I am, in a totally heterosexual way, smitten with her.

Ok, maybe not totally heterosexual. Whatever. Stick to the topic at hand, people!!

So I wrote this poem for her. From what I can remember, it was sweet and loving and I thought it was one of the best things I’d ever written. So I posted it here at WWFC.

And then, in my dream, I went to bed. And then, in my dream, I woke up.

Excitedly, I opened my computer to see the comments my masterpiece had inspired. There were thousands of them!! My poem went viral.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out it was just 2 readers who were having a lengthy discussion about the fact I had misspelled the word “steeple”. They also were having a spirited debate over whether my IQ matched my shoe size or my bra size.


Thankfully, I then woke up for real.

So, what does this dream of mine mean? And why the hell did I use the word steeple in a poem?!



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  • Oh hells bells!  Why didn’t I see this yesterday!  Oh, because I was dealing with one eyed-Alex I guess.  And just so as you know, I think “steepel” would be perfectly fine using poetic license.  It still rhymes perfectly with people or peopel if you wish.  I’m sure it was a lovely poem and how could it not be if it was written about Ziva?

    I just love you Nicky.  And I love Ziva too.  And that’s the ground truth.

  • YES!!

  • Aren’t you supposed to be all-knowing, all-seeing and all-powerful? Methinks someone “fluffed” His résumé….

  • Or maybe because you were still partying over at MikeWJ’s! 🙂

    See, you were definitely not one of the commenters in my dream. And that is just one of the many, many reasons why I love you.

  • Also, the word steeple has to do with churches, not penises.  They just wish they were built like that.  And I was of course not one of the people who criticized you.  I would have shot them all.

  • Wow…..steepels and steeples and penii and potential lesbian shenanigans. Nicky, I am so confused right now, although you had me at…ummm…”girl love”. I was gonna say “nipple” but that actually wasn’t from your post.

  • That’s exactly what I mean. You understand the concept of poetic license and you carry a firearm. Tonight, I’m dreaming about you! 🙂

  • HS! The trick is to focus on one thing at a time. For you, I suggest you concentrate on the lesbian shenanigans and not the penii. Of course, just because there were no nipples in the post, doesn’t mean you can’t focus on those. 🙂

  • And I will not even have to close my eyes to dream of you, my little Sugardoodle!

  • When I see you buy the steeple it makes me want to weeple?  Nahhhh, maybe not. LOL!!!!!!

  • Poetic license allows you to spell any word any way you want.  In fact, to make a poem work make up some new words. 

    I have noticed your name coming up on posts where women are saying how much they love you.  Interesting how you bring out latent sexual tendencies in women.  When guys have man crushes they call it  bromance.  I guess we need to be thinking of a new term for all ladies crushing on you.

    Oh, did you get my message about you being mentioned on my site?

  • Hahahaha! Nice try Katherine, but I doubt my poetry was that GOOD!

  • It does seem odd that in a possibly lesbian-leaning poem you used the phallic symbol of a steeple.  Obviously I’ve studied way too much poetry!  As much as my stress dreams freak me out, I always find them tremendously funny later.  

  • It would appear I use poetic license even when not writing poetry! 🙂

    I’m not sure I bring out latent sexual tendencies in women…I think it’s more that I throw myself shamelessly at them and declare my love and passion for them regularly. We could call it “Noman-ce”….

    I was mentioned on your site?! What? When? I always read your posts…how did I miss that?!?!? Did I miss that?!?! Or did my Swiss cheese brain let that one fall through the holes?!

  • See, I never even thought of the phallic symbolism of the steeple. I just thought it weird I would even use the word and extremely disturbing I would misspell it! The nightmare part was really about the comments though. Hmmmm….maybe I have performance issues in addition to apparent penis envy.

    Or maybe I just shouldn’t eat mashed potatoes before going to bed! 🙂

  • Very clever, Nicky…nomance, indeed sums up the love connections that you are making with the lady bloggers and vice versa.
    I, too, take a lot of liberties with spelling and creating “new” words. Grammer is a  “use at will” item.  I think calling it calling it “creative” is better than people thinking I am illiterate.

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