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These clouds look like mashed potatoes. I had mashed potatoes for supper last night. Coincidence? I think not.

I had a bad dream. I don’t know if it’s a blogger’s bad dream or an assistant publisher’s bad dream.

I dreamed I had written a poem for an incredibly beautiful, talented girl I know. I am, in a totally heterosexual way, smitten with her.

Ok, maybe not totally heterosexual. Whatever. Stick to the topic at hand, people!!

So I wrote this poem for her. From what I can remember, it was sweet and loving and I thought it was one of the best things I’d ever written. So I posted it here at WWFC.

And then, in my dream, I went to bed. And then, in my dream, I woke up.

Excitedly, I opened my computer to see the comments my masterpiece had inspired. There were thousands of them!! My poem went viral.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out it was just 2 readers who were having a lengthy discussion about the fact I had misspelled the word “steeple”. They also were having a spirited debate over whether my IQ matched my shoe size or my bra size.


Thankfully, I then woke up for real.

So, what does this dream of mine mean? And why the hell did I use the word steeple in a poem?!



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