Cheeburger Cheeburger Montreal Review

That’s right. After a disappointing false start, Cheeburger Cheeburger Montreal is OPEN for business and WWFC was there to review!

cheeseburger, restaurant, downtown montreal

YAY! They're open!!

I was the first to arrive at the restaurant and, while I missed meeting head chef Jeff Jablow (who was kind enough to visit our blog and let us know the restaurant’s official opening date) by a few minutes, I did have the great pleasure of meeting the owner of Cheeburger Cheeburger Montreal, David Wright. Yup, I finally met Mr. Wright. He was friendly and helpful, telling me all about the concept of Cheeburger Cheeburger and their dedication to serving quality, organic, local food. We also talked a little bit about the future of the franchise in Canada, and I was excited to discover the suburb of Montreal where I live is being considered as a possible location for another Cheeburger Cheeburger restaurant.

Mike arrived, we opted to sit outside while we waited for our blogger friend Shawn to join us and I ordered a small milk shake to tide me over. Cheeburger Cheeburger has a bazillion different flavours of milk shake to choose from and you can even mix up different flavours. I chose chocolate and almond.

chocolate milk shake, cheeburger cheeburger milk shake, downtown montreal

Meet the new love of my life. Seriously. I would give up cheese for this milk shake. Best milk shake I've ever tasted. Ever. I would quit my job for this milk shake. If I had a job. Did I mention I love this milk shake?

Shawn finally showed up and we ordered our cheeseburgers along with a “best of both” basket for us all to share. A “best of both” basket contains both french fries and onion rings.


bacon cheeseburger, cheeburger cheeburger, downtown montreal

I ordered mine with cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, honey mustard, hot peppers and black olives. It's messy as all hell, but it was fabulous. The bacon was crisp and didn't taste like it had just come out of the microwave. The beef was juicy and full of flavour. Fab-u-lous!

french fries, onion rings, cheeburger cheeburger, downtown montreal

Cheeburger Cheeburger's fries and onion rings are hand-cut daily. I don't know how it's possible, but the onion rings are actually very light. Not at all greasy, delicious and crispy. The fries are perfectly seasoned, crisp and also not greasy. But the onion rings!! Oh, the onion rings! Hands down, best onion rings ever!

We give Cheeburger Cheeburger 6 collective thumbs up. And I am personally sending a plea to Mr. Wright: For the love of cheese, please choose the North Shore for the next location!!

Cheeburger Cheeburger
Les Cours Mont Royal
1444 Metcalfe.
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 1P3 (launching soon)

UPDATE: Because of all the negative comments we got about the restaurant, we decided to go back and try again. This time, we didn’t meet with the owner and we didn’t tell ANYONE we were bloggers. To see if it was still good for us the second time around, read our Cheeburger Montreal Review – Take Two!

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  • Hi There!!! Hey me & my best friend Cedric work for cheese too. I love the idea of cheese on burgers in fact I like the idea of cheese on anything. Can I have a bite of your burger ‘cos it looks so good

  • I made fun of your first cheeseburger cheeseburger post, but I have to admit I’m a little curious now.  I’ll have to see if they have one near me.

    Found one! 28 minutes away.  You actually passed a few on your NJ travels.  Did you know?

  • Cheese on anything is what we live for!! I would share the cheeseburger with you, but it’s all gone. You gotta be quick to get the cheese around here!

  • Ha, here is one of OUR commandments for you Gawd: Thou shalt not mock the cheese!

    I did not know I passed them by!! Mind you, I was kind of busy trying desperately to find the turnpike!! If you do go check it out, I’ll expect a review of biblical proportions!!

  • That burger looks AMAZING…. but why does it look like turkey?

  • Really nice weather we’re having today, isn’t it?

  • It was amazing…and I don’t know! It was 100% pure Angus (my mouth is watering just thinking about it!!)

  • Lovely. Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese, don’t you think?

  • *gag*

  • I guess you liked it then.

    I can’t say I’ve seen a burger in the UK that even comes close to that. Most would be considered an excuse for a burger. And as far as milkshakes are concerned, we have the choice of banana, strawberry, chocolate or vanilla. That’s it.

  • I could be a vegetarian for forever if it wasn’t for my love of a good burger.  🙂  That looks amazing!  I’m partial to bison burgers but the cow will do.  

  • That’s a limited selection of milkshakes.  Love peanut butter shakes!

  • I’m glad you finally got your famous cheeseburger.  Looks pretty tasty, but I’m having hard time seeing much of the actual burger. I would have mustard, chili and cheese on mine.

  • No, no, choose Aylmer! You’ve got to give me their address because I am so going there on my next trip to Montreal. I laughed at the milkshake picture because there’s a construction cone in the background. I guess no matter where you look there they are in Montreal. Hard to keep them out of the picture, eh?

    So you’re saying this beats that cheeseburger at Meleah’s country club?

  • Oh, sorry. I clicked through and got their address from your previous post. Cool.

  • OMG, I didn’t even realize they had peanut butter as an option…with the chocolate, it would be like a Reese milk shake!!!!

    I think I may become an addict and NOBODY better think of an intervention!!

  • Babs, you’ve made me quite sad now. 4 choices? That’s it? I think it’s time to start a revolution!!

  • I think Mike has had a bison burger before, but I never have. Is it gamey? In any case, this burger could definitely turn a vegetarian to the dark side!!

  • I chose their smallest burger, the Classic (or Beginner’s burger) which is 5.5 ounces of beef. Then I overwhelmed it with a bunch of toppings! It’s in there, and it’s delicious!! 🙂

  • Aylmer! Ha, isn’t there already waaaaay too much competition in the gastronomic hub of the civilized world?! Nope, North Shore is the way to go 🙂

    The next time you’re in town, let me know and I’ll join you for a milk shake!

    The construction cones are Quebec’s provincial emblem, of course they’re everywhere!

    I was waiting for someone to ask that! KHCC burgers are unrivaled, but Cheeburger Cheeburger has nothing to be ashamed of. Their burgers are AWESOME!

  • North Shore is too far. You must mean Laval!

  • Ha ha! I don’t think we are a ‘burger’ country really. Fast food places are mainly used by kids and young people. Our choice is between McDonald’s and Burger King, with 4 milkshake flavours. This is one thing we don’t seem to have copied from the US. We have our fish & chips though 🙂 Don’t be sad about the milk shakes. I couldn’t drink them anyway. I would get far too fat!

  • Jepeto

    The Shake picture is very nice!

  • That looks amazing!  I like small burgers.  I am totally happy with a quarter of a pound.  It’s what you put on them that matters to me, along with high quality meat.  I hope this franchise comes to Northern California!  And I want a shake now too.

  • jeffrey

    Sorry I missed you but happy to hear you enjoyed your visit. I enjoyed my visit to Montreal and look forward to returning.
    Chef Jeff

  • The real thing is even better! Shawn had an Oreo hazelnut combination that was mind-blowing!!

  • They have various sized burgers (even a 20 ounce burger!!) but the 5.5 oz Classic was perfect IMHO. It seems like they had one in San Diego, but I think it’s closed now. I think the closest one to you now is in Las Vegas.

    Or you could just come to Montreal and I’ll take you to this one. 🙂

  • Thank you Jeff! Hopefully, we’ll be able to catch you the next time you’re in town.

  • San Diego is only about an 8 hour drive.  Las Vegas is only about 14 hours from here.  SFO to Montreal, what 5 hours?  Put on the coffee, Bubbles, I’m on my way.

  • LOL! The coffee will be ready and waiting for you!

  • Apple

    I just got back from lunch at Cheeburger Cheeburger. I have to say
    that this was quite possibly the worst meal I’ve ever had in my life:


    It took over an hour to get the food

    The burger had gross, hard-caked residue on the bottom of the beef patty, as if
    the grill had not been properly cleaned between burgers

    The order was wrong: Many of the toppings were not what we had ordered

    The hostess (waitress? it was hard to tell) made life even worse. She came to
    visit us 3 times. The first time she came and told us that she is sorry but our
    food will be late due to the lunch rush – the restaurant was half full. Then she
    told us that the food wood arrive on time. Before we could understand what she
    meant – will it be late or not – she left. The second time she came and
    apologized for the tardiness. She then proceeded to explain to us, the paying
    customers, that we should arrive at noon if we ever expect to get our food on
    time. I thought that I could eat a restaurant when I wanted to. Apparently not.
    The third time she came over  we asked if
    we could get our fries. We’d been waiting an hour and were starving. She
    responded that it is their “preference to serve everything at the same time because
    the kitchen makes everything fresh.” Again, I was shut down. I guess I’m now
    educated as to the ways of this hostess.

    The place is grossly overstaffed – there were waiters everywhere – doing almost
    nothing. It took 10 minutes to get drink refills, and then only when we managed
    to call over our waiter. He had this weird habit of disappearing for long
    periods of time.

    The kitchen must be undersized or understaffed because it took so long to get
    our food.

    I walked to the bathroom and spotted the kitchen along the way: there were 6
    waiters crowding around the window trying to get their clients food, to no

    The place is expensive: $20 for a burger, a drink, and fries. For that price I
    could go to Mbrgr and get a much better meal.

    I now feel queasy but still have a while day of work ahead. I hope the food won’t
    make me sick.

  • gina

    Apple is 100% correct! I thought I would treat myself after reading a positive review, and did a takeout this evening (The decor was enough to make me ill, little did I know the food wouldn’t fare any better) First let me start with the service. It was friendly but amateur which was made obvious first by the overzealous manner in which I was greeted, followed by the homemade nametag, and the failure to ask what size shake I wanted. As a result I received the large size which was $6.59 which I consider $$$.   I ordered the grilled chicken with guacomole, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard and grilled portobello mushrooms.  (I wanted chipolte sauce but apparently this is only available in the U.S).  My burger arrived neatly packaged so I set off.  When I opened the bag I saw that the burger was huge, so i carefully held it and tried to  bite in, only to have to work fast to put it down so the whole thing wouldn’t fall apart. (This was not due to travelling time as i ultimately decided to go downstairs and eat it in the foodcourt below)  I gave it a second try but the portobello mushroom made the thing super slippy so I wrapped it up and took it home,but not before discovering to my dismay,that there were no napkins in the bag.  When I got there I began by  removing the soggy lettuce and tomato as well as the offensive mushroom and attempted to eat the chicken and the one half of the bun that wasn’t completely saturated. There was also some brown liquid on the bottom of the foil which I couldn’t associate with any of the ingredients I had ordered. Anyway,the bun was disgusting you heard the expression tastes like plastic ? well that bun defines it, I actually ran my finger across the bread and it was reminiscent of a childhood toy.  Next I decided to bite into the chicken,you’ve heard the term rubber chicken, well a rubber factory must be where they got this one, and not on some organic farm as they claim. In the end all I had for supper was a milkshake,at least that was good,but for $22.00 I could have gone elsewhere and and had a better meal, wendy’s is actually better .i hope thir beef is better than the chicken.  At any rate i would advise anyone to skip the meal and go there for dessert after a movie at the most.That is if you don’t mind overpaying and can stand the glaring light, 50’s music and inexperinced waitstaff

  • Wow! What an awful experience you had…ours was soooo not like that at all! I know a lot of restaurants experience issues when they open and sometimes it takes a while to get everything running smoothly. I hope this is just a case of working out the kinks! I’m planning on going back (my son wants to check it out) soon, so we’ll see how they stand up on a second visit. I’m sorry you were so disappointed.

  • Man, that sucks! Are we the only ones who had a good experience?!

    When we went, my burger was fine, although I know the guys said theirs were a tad overdone. I had asked for medium, they asked for medium well.

    As for the price, being downtown and organic, I wasn’t expecting it to be the same price as a fast food joint, but you’re right, $22 is way too much to pay for just a milkshake!

  • My gosh that looks friggen amazing.  *droooooooooling*

  • We totally made pigs of ourselves 🙂


  • Jade

    Any vegetarian patties available, I wonder?

  • I didn’t see any veggie burgers, but they do have a veggie burger salad available. 🙂

  • Youwish

    Went to Cheeburger on the second day it was open. Service is really slow especially at lunch time. it took about 45mins to get my food. I asked for the burger to be medium and i got it as well done. the burger was good and i also had the onion rings and fries basket. Overall the food is not bad but very pricey and the wait time is way too long.

  • We went in the later in the evening, when it was quiet, and the service was fine. Were they really busy when you went? Glad to hear someone else besides us enjoyed the food!

  • foxylady

    I had the worst experience at this restaurant. I ordered a chicken burger and they got my toppings all wrong. The service was terrible, i had three people greeting me at the entrance then when i was seated, they gave me this little explanation about the menu but could not answer any of the questions i had asked them. 
    The restaurant was not even half full and it took them about half an hour to bring us our meal. The fries were cold and the onion rings were soggy. They got some of my toppings wrong, i asked for it cooked well done and the center was pink. The burger had a bunch of juices coming out of it and it was just a mess to eat. Maybe that is why they have rolls of paper towel on the table. 
    My waiter took forever to refill our drinks and we had to wait 10 minutes for him to bring us our bill.
    I am never going back there and i would not recommend this place. It is overpriced and just all together bad. The music in the restaurant is annoying and the pink lights made me crazy.

  • Wait, you asked for a chicken burger and it was pink inside?! Good Lord! I’ve never heard of being given a choice of how cooked a chicken burger is. Chicken should always be well done, otherwise it can kill you!!

    What kinds of questions did you ask? I’m curious about what they couldn’t answer.

    It really is a shame they are so inconsistent. Sounds like they need to spend some more time training their staff.

  • foxylady

    yes i found it weird when they asked me how i wanted my chicken burger cooked, so i said isn’t it supposed to be well done? when i ate the burger it felt weird in the beginning  but as i continued to eat it I look in the center and it seemed to be cooked a little less, like it had not been properly cooked. 

    I asked one of the waitreses if the fries was dipped in a batter, she said she did not know and said she would ask the kitchen. But then never got back to me. needless to say I ordered them and got them and you can tell by looking at them that they were not dipped in a batter. 

    The whole experience was really disappointing, when i complained to the waitress all she could say was that she was sorry over and over again. 

  • daniel bourque

    The WORST restaurant in the world : daniel bourque Ottawa

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  • Gecina

    Pounder going down before the end of the year. Training is going Well 🙂

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