Cheese Bread Recipe

I made a great cheese bread and I thought I’d share my recipe with you.

3/4 cup warm water
1/2 cup cottage cheese
2/3 cup shredded Gruyere (or you could use Swiss, or an old Cheddar)
1/2 cup grated Parmesan
1 tbsp. butter, cut up in pieces
2 tbsp. sugar
1 3/4 tsp. salt
2 tbsp. finely minced onion
1 tbsp. fine herbs
3 1/4 cup bread flour
2 tsp. bread machine yeast

swiss cheese, cottage cheese, parmesan cheese, salt, butter, sugar, flour, herbs, yeast, water

There's a glass of ice tea in the top, right corner. Ignore it. It's not part of the recipe.

Put everything in the bread machine, in the order listed. Select the sweet bread setting. Press start. Now this is the really important part. Walk away. Wash the dishes. Tell your kids to stop their infernal racket. Feed the cat. Read a few blog posts. Leave really witty comments telling the blogger how wonderful she is and how much you appreciate her sharing her recipe with you. Give a kid a bath. Read a bedtime story. Kiss kid goodnight. Marvel at how wonderful a freshly-bathed, sleepy child is. Clean up all the crap left lying around before the kid was a marvel. Update your Facebook status with an incredibly clever message like “S’up?”. Fold your laundry. Stack it. Carry it into your bedroom. Unfold it. Hang it on hangers. Wonder why you are insane. Get sleepy kid glass of water. Sigh. Twice. Tell him to go to sleep. Twice. Look at sleepy-but-not-sleeping kid and stop wondering why you are insane. Wonder if you can convince a jury you are insane. Hear the beeping of the bread machine. Realize you’ll never get those two hours back. Eat the entire loaf of bread, right out of the machine.

loaf of bread

Yeah, I know. It's a little lopsided. I'm not Martha freakin' Stewart, ok?!

Bon appetit!


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  • You were making bread when you left that incredibly clever Facebook comment that I responded to? What was it? Like, midnight?

    By the way, I agree. Herb really is fine, isn’t he?

  • You were making bread when you left that incredibly clever Facebook comment that I responded to? What was it? Like, midnight?

    By the way, I agree. Herb really is fine, isn’t he?

  • Mmmmmmmmmmm…………….. Me want.

  • Sounds delicious. I love making bread almost as much as I love eating it. I’m probably a borderline breadaholic. Oh well, there are worse things. About cheese: Have you and Mike ever had Saint Andre? It is a soft, buttery cow’s milk cheese made with extra heavy (triple) cream. Had it for the first time at a Four Seasons Hotel brunch that I blogged about. Out of a thousand food items, I got fixated on that cheese!

  • Hi Jean! I love bread too, especially when it’s freshly made. Heavenly!! Saint Andre sounds familiar…and delicious! I don’t know if I’ve ever tried it, but I have a feeling we might be reviewing it soon. 🙂

  • Come on over, Babs! I’ll make some more for you 🙂

  • Yes, I was. Doesn’t everybody make bread at midnight on Fridays?

    Remember Herb Tarlick, from WKRP in Cincinnati? He wasn’t fine. At all.

  • You had me – right up until you mentioned cottage cheese.  Ick!  I assume the curds dissolve, and I probably wouldn’t notice it.   However, I would have to adapt it to hand made – I don’t have a bread machine.

  • Shieldmaiden1196

    You had me at cheese. And bread. Two great tastes that taste great together. I want to say it together fast cheesebreadcheesebreadcheesebread. Or in French: Painfromagepainfromagepainfromage. Though in that language it sounds more like something you might be entitled to money from a class action settlement for. Though maybe not when YOU say it. 

    I’m not a fan of cottage cheese but I will cook with it because I know my tongue will not encounter any objectionable squidgy bits. I have a bread machine, and haven’t bought suspiciously long lasting bread-in-a-bag in two years, so you can bet I’ll be taking this recipe for a spin.

  • The curds do dissolve, and it’s only a half a cup, so it’s not at all a dominant flavour or texture. If you’re really not a fan of the curds, you could always put the cheese through the blender first. 🙂

  • Shieldmaiden, you’re killing me!! LOL. Painfromage looks like it could be read as pain-from-age and that has a whole other meaning! No, when I say it, it doesn’t sound like anything illegal. 🙂

    I hope you enjoy it!

  • You are so wonderful for sharing this great recipe with us!  Now I’d make it for sure if I had a bread maker thing but alas I don’t.  Still, I know it makes your house smell really good too when you make it.  I can just see you in your pretty shoes and little frilly apron muttering in French while you put all this together.  I love that image.

  • You definitely need a bread maker!! He should be tall, with dark hair, smoldering eyes and lots of muscles. His name should be something exotic, like Paolo. 🙂

    Ok, since you love that image so much, we’ll pretend that’s exactly what I looked like when I made the bread. You did get the part about me muttering (cursing) in French right, though!

  • That looks and sounds AH-MAZING. 

  • “Yeah, I know. It’s a little lopsided. I’m not Martha freakin’ Stewart, ok?!”
    My mother always said it was the taste that counted not the looks.  It looks delish to me!  Bring on the fresh churned butter!  Or what about garlic butter with toasted cheese bread???  hmmm

  • And it tasted delish! Thanks Henrietta, for not judging a bread by its cover…or something like that 🙂


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