This Week In Cheese – 14/8/2011

Yes, our Cheese News feature is back! Sort of. I refuse to write about Chuck E. Cheese.

riot police, horses, horseback

Thank goodness for those who have sworn an oath to protect the cheese.

Reason For UK Riots Finally Uncovered

That’s right. Everyone has been offering up an opinion on the reason for the rioting, looting and general destruction in England this past week. Well, like Julia Roberts in The Pelican Brief, I have stumbled upon the answer and wanted to make it public before someone tries to kill me. Turns out, supermarkets and dairy firms in the UK were fined a total of £50 million after being found guilty of price fixing on milk and cheese  products. The Office of Fair Trading found that three infringements of the Competition Act 1998 were committed between 2002 and 2003, where supermarkets and suppliers colluded to increase prices on cheese. What else could Britain’s youth do, when forced to choose between cheese or Xbox Live? Seriously, isn’t life enough of a challenge for these youngster? The future is bleak, what with video game tester jobs being so few and far between. How will they ever be able to afford cheese for themselves and their families?

louis d'or cheese, quebec cheese, cheese

I see big things in this cheese's future. Big, BIG things. Like, refrigerator-big.

Quebec Cheese Wins Trifecta

A Quebec cheese, Louis d’Or, has made a spectacular triple play. The firm, washedrind cow’s-milk cheese,  made by Fromagerie du Presbytère, placed third among 1,676 entries from Canada, the U.S. and Mexico at the American Cheese Society’s 2011 contest. It also took first place in the national Canadian Cheese Grand Prix in April, and also first prize in the 2010 Quebec Séléction Caseus cheese contest.

I was fortunate enough to try a small sample of the cheese over at my in-laws this weekend. It was just a small piece, because I was stuffed to the gills on crab cakes, warm artichoke bread, prime Angus beef steak, rice, roasted peppers, and a lovely rosé. My father-in-law is an awesome cook. Unfortunately, it skips a generation. In any case, the cheese was delicious and WWFC will definitely be reviewing it in the very near future!

That’s it for this week, folks. Tune in next week for more Cheese News!

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  • I had a cheese from Costco this weekend that had apricots in it and BOY was it GOOOOOOD.  I would love to go to a cheese contest – there are so many types of cheeses I’ve never been able to try.  Still wanting to “like” goat’s milk cheese but no luck yet….

  • Yeah, but if you refuse to write about Chuck-e-cheese, then you don’t get to comment on stories like this:

    You’re welcome.

  • Had I know about the price fixing, I may have joined the rioters. A van full of cheese would be worth a rap on the knuckles, innit?

  • Those bastards!  Hanging is too good for them. 

    Now I need to find that cheese. 

  • Price fixing on CHEESE?  Is nothing sacred?
    Actually, no, nothing is.  And I would know.

  • WWFC? You mean there’s a World Wrestling Federation of Cheese? Oh, wait. I get it. I see what you did there. It’s like my blog’s acronym would be “n”.

  • What do you mean you only had a “small” piece of cheese? That doesn’t sound like you at all.

    You’ve changed, man.

  • Well, we were 10 people…I had to leave some for others. Also, what kind of a cheesy co-blogger would I be if I didn’t wait for you to REALLY try it?! (Yeah, ok. I wasn’t thinking of you at all. I was just FULL, dude. Suck it up.)

  • I actually laughed out loud at work when I read this, Dufus! Yes, your blog’s acronym would be “N”.

  • From your lips to…well, your ear, God. I think you should smite them.

  • Agreed!! (Wait, we are talking about the cheese gougers and not the poor, misunderstood British youth, right?)

    If you can find some, it is DELISH!!

  • I can so see you in low-riding jeans and a hoodie, smashing and grabbing all the cheese you could carry! Mo too, for that matter!! 🙂

  • I used to comment on all the goings-on happening at Chuck E Cheeses all across the US, but it just got too depressing. I can’t figure out how that place still exists (although, I do keep seeing news bits about how their stock is tanking, so there is hope!!)

  • Being a judge at a cheese contest would be a dream come true for me, Katherine! And I’d love to try the cheese with apricots! (Although, I have this image in my head of a HUGE block of cheese because it’s from Costco! 🙂 )

  • Jepeto

    I agree that MY father is a great cook…and like father like son, woman, you know it! You give me such a bad rep on your blog…i am an extraordinary partner. Now rub my feet and get me a beer. Naked.

  • Uh huh. Sure. *I’m* the one who gave you a bad rep. Your father is a great cook. And so is his son. Your brother.

    Never gonna happen, chum.

  • I do worry about those downtrodden youts!

  • Your post made me reflect that cheese is one of the few things I would riot for.  Vermont white cheddar in particalar.  I’m realizing that (apart from cheese) I may have a problem with apathy. 

  • Ha ha! The mind boggles!

  • Expensive cheese? That’s what the riots are all about?? Man, those Brits are even more stupid than I thought!

  • mmmmmm. cheese. I am SO HAPPY I can still eat cheese! Otherwise I would have no reason to live! 

  • I’m giggling…I love “unfortunately it skips a generation”…I’m not a cheese person, but I often leave your blog with a deeper admiration for cows and goats…and whatever other animal provides the tools to make cheese. And what do you mean video game testing jobs are so few…what the hell are my kids going to do for a living then?

  • Ziva, Ziva, Ziva. Mock all you want, but we both know Finland’s citizens would storm Russia if they thought it would save them a few markka!!

  • Thank goodness cheese is not on your danger list!! (Don’t tell Ziva, but I’m pretty sure Eve tempted Adam with a piece of cheese and not an apple!!)

  • Cheese is the ONLY thing worth rioting for! If I had to choose between cheese and my kids…

    I would schedule an intervention for your apathy issue, but I just don’t seem to care. 🙂

  • Heheheh! Of course, I was just kidding when I said that! (Yes, Jepeto is hovering over my shoulder to see how I respond. Read into that what you will 🙂 )

    How can you NOT be a cheese person?! They don’t have CARBS…wait, do they? I just assume they don’t because I don’t want them to, so if they do, DO NOT tell me otherwise!!

    As for the kids, I just keep mine around in case I ever need a kidney or something. I figure if it gets really bad, there’s always the army.

  • HAH!!!


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