There Will Be Cheese

paper, pen, writing, stationary, calculator, rulerSo, a little over 3 weeks ago I wrote about how I was looking for a job since my previous position had been abolished. I was feeling pretty upbeat, had a couple of tentative offers, an interview, the possibility of some freelance work and the names of a couple of recruiters. I was eligible for employment insurance, so I figured I wouldn’t stress for a while. I worked on my résumé and sent it out to a couple of places that sounded pretty interesting.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. Nothing’s happening. Nobody’s calling me back. Things are really quiet in the summer, I know, but doubt began to creep into my mind. What if nothing pans out? What if I don’t find a job for months? How would we pay the mortgage? How would we feed the kids? OMG, how would we afford cheese? Or sangria? Or SHOES?!?!

Dammit, my shoes are too pretty to start living in a cardboard box!!

women's shoes, high heels, sandals, open toe shoes, zombie shoes

Won't anybody please help the shoes?!

By the end of last week, I had pretty much chewed up most of my fingernails and was beginning to contemplate my toenails.

Then Tuesday, the phone rang. It was my interviewer from 3 weeks ago. I got the job! Today was my first day. I don’t have an official title yet, but I’m the editor/marketer/mover/shaker/whateverer of a trade magazine. HUZZAH!


On a totally unrelated note, Jepeto borrowed my mp3 player this evening so he could listen to music while he did some housework. I showed him how to access the different folders. He was staring at the tiny screen.

“Who’s Dildo?”

It took me a few seconds.

“It’s DIDO, you idiot!”

dutch dildo, vibrator, sex toy

She sings like a dream. Also, a few words of advice: don't Google "dildo"







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