The I’m Hungover And Have To Go To My In-Laws Post

Blue Hurricane slushies are good.

blue martini, martini, cocktail, martini glass

Did I mention Blue Hurricane slushies are really, really, really good?

My friend Cheryl, who has a really fun blog and is a really sweet lady, suggested we try this little meme and I’m taking her up on the challenge because Blue Hurricane slushies are really, really good and therefore anything original I try to write will be really, really bad. I’m supposed to link to 7 posts I’ve written that fall into specific categories:

  1. My most beautiful post: Without a doubt, To Jake, With Love. It still makes me cry when I read it. For all my sarcasm about my kids, I know they are amazing and they truly do make me a better person. Yeah, I know. Hard to believe, but this is me as a better person.
  2. My most popular post: In A Girl Can Dream, I wrote about my fantasy road trip. It involved a great vintage Mercury convertible and meeting bloggers all over the place. I wrote it quite a while ago, which is a good thing because, with all the great bloggers I’ve met since then, now my theoretical trip would take months and the post would have been about 2,000 words!
  3. My most controversial post: Ah, that would be I Kid You Not. I tackled the issue of not allowing children in public places, calling it discrimination. There was some great debate, and I even argued the point with God (and won).
  4. My most helpful post: I did take a step back from sarcasm once, right after I was laid off from my job, and wrote about how to write a résumé in my post (with the inspired title) Résumé Tips.
  5. My most surprisingly successful post:  I wrote a post called This Is Going To Be About Cheese But It’s Going To Be About Other Stuff Too Because I’ve Self-Diagnosed Myself With Adult ADD. Basically, I really needed to seek professional help and get medicated, but I opted to write a blog post instead. Rereading the first sentence, which is about 250 words long and contains little, if any, punctuation, still makes me dizzy. It got a ton of comments. I still don’t understand why.
  6. The post I didn’t think got the attention it deserved: You know, I went back and looked, and couldn’t find a post that qualified for this category. Some of my posts didn’t get a high number of comments, but that was because they really didn’t deserve them. In the end, since world domination has always been the ultimate goal here at WWFC, I’m going to say all of them. So tell your friends. NOW!!
  7. The post I am most proud of: Into The Great Wide Open. It was very different from my usual posts, I was a little weirded out about posting it, but I was thrilled when it was well received.

Now, there is the usual “pick a billion bloggers” to participate in this meme, but again, Blue Hurricane slushies are really, really, really good and I can barely remember my own name, let alone any of yours. If you’d like to participate, go for it and just give me the credit. And send me some aspirin, please.


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