The visuals coming out of London have seriously lopped off a huge chunk of faith that I once had in humanity. These riots aren’t solving anything, and it’s looking like they’re happening for a variety of reasons. Well, whatever the reasons, there are a lot of idiots out there rioting and destroying public property for the fuck of it, and there’s no excuse for that.

It’s simple. If you’re looting and wrecking property, you’re an idiot like the rest of those scumbags.

I was also sad to see the anarchy spread to Manchester, where the paternal side of my family is from:

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  • SP

    Things are really bad everywhere…..

    Sorry, Liverpool fan here.

  • Very, very sad.

    “It’s simple. If you’re looting and wrecking property, you’re a scumbag.”

    Amen to that.

  • Great video. Captures the true nature of the rioter. 

  • They even murdered three young men last night!  Mowed them down in their car because they were trying to defend their own property.  I know what I’d like to do with them all.  They are the scum of our society!

    It’s not a protest. It’s just an excuse to grab all they can for free and damage everything along the way.

    Love the video 😉

  • I have watched a lot of this in horror.  I understand frustration and angst, but I don’t understand the destruction of personal property or the looting.  We’ve had the same thing in Oakland, California, right next to where I live.  The weird thing is, it’s not even local people who do the damage most of the time.  They come in from other areas to destroy and cause havoc.  Very sad state of affairs, Mike.

  • Yep, however there’s never a good excuse to rampage. That said, many of the people involved in these riots aren’t thinking too much about the consequences of their actions.

  • They suck no matter what their motivation might be.

  • Yep. A useless act that doesn’t accomplish anything.

  • Well said, Mike.  Scumbags for sure.  I am so tired of the lack of common decency. 

  • Babs, that’s just awful. They are the worst kinds of humans.

    Some of them might think that they’re making a statement, but I believe that the majority is just there for the free for all.

  • Often the mob is led by so called “anarchists” who rile up the crowd and take the first steps to destroy. They’re not even really anarchists by definition. Just assholes.

  • People are so running out of patience for these kinds of acts.

  • When I saw the title “Scumbags” I was worried my name might be in there LOL!

    But SERIOUSLY…. I purposely have not watched any of this because I so often just give up on the world when I hear of things like this… “Why can’t we all just get along?”

  • That’s the thing.  These people aren’t doing this for “politics” or “justice”.  They are doing it for a handful of ill gotten goods.  They are simply “thugs”.

  • I just don’t understand it. They didn’t even have a team in the Stanley Cup! Sad, sad, sad that people feel they need to riot and loot to draw attention to their cause.

  • Agreed. 100%

  • It all comes down to how one was raised.  It’s very disheartening to see how many were raised so poorly that they’re willing to riot and destroy -and think it’s great fun.

  • I know! If they had a hockey team it would at least make more sense.

  • Exactly. Which is why I chose to use that particular video to illustrate the absurdity of the whole situation!

  • It’s shocking how young some of them are, but not surprising. It’s very easy to influence someone at that age especially if they’re already living in a bleak environment. Then again, there were even some white collar rioters, which seems even more idiotic.

  • Even having seen so much of this in my lifetime, it never fails to shock and sadden me.   

  • Mikewj

    You still had faith in humanity? Loser.

  • Wrgonzaga

    I’d say loss of parental guidance and total exposure to drugs and alcohol as well as absence of religion and respect of laws transformed these young men into raging and violent scumbags.

  • Wrgonzaga

    I’d say loss of parental guidance and total exposure to drugs and alcohol as well as absence of religion and respect of laws transformed these young men into raging and violent scumbags.

  • It’s true. I’m a pathetic optimist.

  • You forgot television and heavy metal.

  • I kind of expect to see impressionable youth get wrapped up in it, but there were even some white collar rioters. What’s up with that?

  • The continued riots stem from two principles (besides anger and stupidity):

    1. The Riot Psychology + Bystander Theory

    The Riot Psychology is where a mass of people follow the majority because it’s popular and the consequences are low. The bystander theory is where people leave the responsibility of others during an emergency. Therefore, they figure if they destroy a building, someone else will worry and take care of the problem.

    Essentially, I’m saying these looters cannot think for themselves. And, they’re selfish (not people – these looters).

    2. Economic Downtrodden 

    Most rioters or people who start anarchy (the way these looters are doing it) are economically downtrodden. Therefore, they have less to lose or nothing to lose. Their actions will bare no consequences of the destruction of their assists, because they have none. 

    Lastly, I have faith in humanity because the ‘looters’ do not represent all people as a whole. Look at you? Me? These bloggers and commenters below – we are able to communicate in a civil matter! So to group all people into the ‘stupid’ pile – hurts. Humanity as a whole is very good, there is a lot of good that has yet to be broadcasted.

    P.S. Look up the Riot Cleanup! There is a group who are going out in the front lines to help clean up the mess! 

  • I would have to agree. I think what matters the most is ‘community.’ The loss of positive communities have led these looters to this point. 

  • Wow, that’s a powerful video. Truly horrific images, I’ve never seen anything that terrible before.

    That said, I couldn’t agree more. People who destroy other people’s property just for the sake of destroying something are truly scumbags.

  • Exactly. And community by definition is positive. When a group of people acts this way, they’re no longer part of a community because they are dismantling it.

  • Some thing can’t be unseen. It’s a very hard video to watch.

  • Keep in mind that we’re also seeing big street demonstrations in Spain, Italy and don’t forget the violence in Greece.  All this is stemming from the same types of “austerity” measures the gov’t is trying to impose in the U.S.  The have-nots have already been pretty squeezed.  It’s always a bad idea to put people in a position where they feel they have nothing to lose.  I’m not offering excuses.  I’ve seen the angry mob mentality here in the U.S. and fully expect to see it again soon.   

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  • maddy k

    They’re reasons, not excuses.


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