Do I Just Keep The Cat?

I’ve been working a lot.calico cat sleeps on my desk

I was on call this weekend for 20 hours starting around 8pm Saturday until sometime on Sunday. I’m not sure when I stopped working because I’m back at work and not really sure if I had break in between.

Anyway, at some point during the weak hours of Sunday morning, something furry rubbed against my feet while I fixed the internet and saved lives in Australia.

I looked down and it was the Calico Cat from “out there in the night”. The same cat that’s been visiting me on and off since last year. I’d left my door open on Saturday night and she strolled in and jumped up on my desk. Suddenly I  forgot about all those lives I was supposed to be saving in Wangaratta.

calico cat long whiskers How could anyone resist a cat like this?

I let her hang out while I worked and, as I succumbed to her charms, the thought crossed my mind that I should feed her.

But if I feed the cat, it’s all over, right? Then she becomes MY cat and I have to give her a name and buy a litter box and everything.

Then again, if you look closely, she’s shaved and pretty well groomed, which means:  Someone is caring for her.

Yet she hangs out at my place and sleeps on my bed.  She rolls around on the rug and even nuzzles my armpits! Pretty intimate, I know.

She doesn’t have tag or a collar, I thought, so technically I could adopt her. Then she jumped off my desk and ran back outside.

Earlier today, I went out onto my patio and saw her across the alley hanging out at someone else‘s house. She was sleeping on their balcony. Go figure.

That free-spirited slut.

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  • Mikewj

    If this cat is owned by a single woman, this story could take a very romantic turn and you can sell the script to Speilberg.

  • Maybe she was mad at her humans for shaving her and was taking out her ire by sleeping around.

  • Jepeto

    This is actually a beautiful cat. The mix of colors is nice, like our cat Lola. If she’s too slutty, stuff her. She’ll stay home.

  • That’s crazy. The same thing happens to me every time I leave my door open. Rubs up against my leg, sits on my desk, sleeps at the foot of my bed. And no matter what I say, that guy from down the hall won’t leave me alone. I better start closing my door.

  • You got used, yo.

  • I think that is a great arrangement for both you and the cat. (and I, too, think she is pretty cute).  She gets to lead a life (or 9 lives) of travel and eating out and you get graced with an occassional visitor but have no responsiblity in her upkeep.  I wonder if I shouldn’t let my two cats out the backdoor and have them go cuddle up to my neighbors.  Probably not as I don’t trust my neighbors to not take Jepeto’s advice.

  • Wow Mike,
    She is pretty cute, I say enjoy her company, but don’t take any of the responsibility, just let her use your place for a bootie call, and just hope she doesn’t show up drunk and puke on your carpet.

  • You left your door open? You’re brave.

  • She is very cute looking 🙂

    We had a cat that used to go into our neighbours house when she got the chance. The neighbour was terrified of cats and she found her in her bedroom once. I can’t remember how she got her out, or if our cat ever went there again.  It was an eye opener for us as we didn’t realize our cat did that sort of thing.

  • This cat will sleep around for less than that.

    But I’m pretty sure she digs the shaved look. I saw her once in the spring and the knots were so out of control you could hardly pet her.

  • I’ll need to find out. Next time I see the cat I’ll have to follow it home.

    Then again, with a cat that sleeps around this much, how do you know who its true owners are??

  • But of course I did. This is Canada!

  • Maybe, but she’s worth it.

  • Yes, you can trust a stray animal more than a strange human.

    Seriously though, this cat has got it good.

  • They lead double and triple lives. It’s like that expression: when the human’s away, the cat will play. Or something like that.

  • Wow. That cat sure gets around.

  • Good idea. You crazy kids will have more privacy that way!

  • Hey, if you wanted a cat, you should’ve just said so. I’ll give you Lola. I’m sure she won’t try to kill you. Much.

  • She’s a total floozie.

  • Got to say, I’m liking that cat. I love the independent way she struts her free-spirit-slutty-self up onto your desk and then took the walk of shame out of there. You may have to feed that two-timing cat if you want her to remember whose her daddy. 

  • I was thinking WHORE. But floozie will do.

  • Even if she threw up all over the place I’d probably still let her hang out. She’s just that charming.

  • Stuff her? Like feed her alot until she became so fat that she couldn’t move?

  • I didn’t want to say, but yeah! 🙂

  • Welcome to WWFC, Annie! I have to say though, when she came back the next night, I gave in and put down a dish of water for her. She gave me a “you’re kidding, right?” look and I haven’t seen her since. Slut cat, indeed.

  • I dunno. I’ve seen Lola grow up from a kitten. My cat has a mysterious past that I don’t know anything about. I kind of like that in a cat.

  • Ahahhaahaha!

  • For some reason I first read your title as: “Do I just eat the cat?”

    For which my answer is yes.  Yes you do.  With sauce.

  • She’s sort of a mystery girl, isn’t she?  She’s quite stunning looking and sounds like a very loving cat.  It looks like she has the popular “lion cut” and I’m sure it’s a lot more comfortable than the knots in her pretty fur, particularly in hot weather.  I know you are smitten with her and who could blame you! The cut alone tells me someone grooms her.  My cat, Smokey, won’t wear a collar.   We have purchased many collars for him and they all disappear within hours.  He likes being a naked guy.  I have a feeling this girl of somewhat easy virtue may be the same way.  Nobody really will ever “own” her, Mike.  Should you try to make her yours, she’ll slip around on you just like she has on all the others.  It’s just her nature.  In the end, you’ll give her love and then she’ll break your heart.  Sad, but worth it.

  • Jepeto

    no mike, penetrate her! Jeeeeeeesus of course not! Stuff her with hay or something, like a beaver. A beaver…stuffed…hehehe…ok where my pills. Or beer. somethin to alter reality.

  • And by sauce you mean “catsup”.

    It had to be said.

  • Ok, I think I get it now!

  • Of course it’s worth it. This cat is one of the most affectionate cats I’ve ever known. Now I haven’t seen her for three days, so I guess I’ll just have to deal.

  • You can kidnap her.  You can put her in a cage.  She will be you’s as long as she wants to.  But no longer.

  • She’s clearly toying with your affections.  Or maybe she shows up when she knows you need her most.   Petting a cat is supposed to lower your blood pressure.   Enjoy her on her terms, although it would be nice if you kept some “refreshments” around to offer her when she visits.  

  • I caved one night and gave her a bowl of water. She ignored it. This relationship is definitely on her terms.

  • Water?  Man, talk about a cheap date. 😉

  • Wait a sec, you had a gorgeous shaved pussy rubbing up against your leg, and all you did was give her a bowl of water? Man, I’m disappointed in you.

  • Hmm…not sure if you’re saying I’m cheap or that I’m a prude….

  • KZ

    I’m just a sucker for cats and ill-fated love stories.  You might as well enjoy it for what it is, but don’t fall in too deep.  Those calico hussies will break your heart, if you let them.

  • I know. I let her and she did. Haven’t seen her since 🙁

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