The Best Ice Cream Sandwich

An ice cream sandwich is not allowed to be round. It has to rectangular.

It has to be wrapped in plain white paper. Frosty, pristine and unadorned with logos.

ice cream sandwich in wrapper

Rectangular is the way to go. Look at it droop!

ice cream sandwich unwrapped

When an ice cream sandwich is rectangular, it’s easy to know where to start. From the corners. Can you say the same thing about round impostor ice cream sandwiches? I thought so.

classic ice cream sandwich bite

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  • So, at the outset, lemme say that I completely agree with you about all of this.  The paper.  The rectangular shape.  Everything.

    However.  Skinny cow makes a round ice cream sandwich that is not properly wrapped in paper, and yet it is delicious and low fat/low calorie.

    And that means I can eat 1/3 more of them.

  • I, too, agree with you BUT as I nearly always choose ice cream bars on the premise of the big letters splashed across the label that says only 100 calories, I take whatever I can get.  It will still taste better than the cup of sugar free Jello that has 10 calories. Sometimes life just isn’t fair.

  • Are you the Bill Maher of ice cream?
    I dunno…

  • I love that you are such a “purist” Mike.  And I heartily agree with your view on this one.  Now I wish I had one sitting in my freezer waiting for me, but alas, I do not.  

  • Oh my word!  Round, square or rectangle, I’ve never seen one of those!  I’d take it any which way it came. I’m drooling!

  • Yes, please!

  • Oh yeah? Well I’m eating a mango popsicle. It’s delicious. But it’s kinda hard to type while holding onto it. The popsicle, that is.

  • Anonymous

    Nope, disagree.  I buy the Skinny Cow brand and not only are they round and delicious, but they’re low in calories, too!  Win-win!!!

  • The only thing better than an ice cream sandwich is a double ice cream sandwich. They are the exact same thing only bigger and square. The store across from my old apartment sold them.

  • I hadn’t thought of that ice cream eating loophole before. We don’t have Skinny Cow here, but you know, it may be worth crossing the border for some of these ice cream “wheels” 😉

  • Definitely better than the Jello. Still, ice cream is ice cream and I wouldn’t say no to a low fat round so-called sandwich.

  • Me neither. I just like my ice cream sandwiches with sharp edges.

  • Really? Never? Do they not have them on your island? They’re delicious of course. Simple and very pleasing.

  • They’re great because these offer less resistance when you take a bite. Those big clunky round wheel-wiches are too thick and too crunchy. Now go stock up!

  • Those are good too. Fine food for brain aches!

  • Ok, you’re the second one to mention Skinny Cow here. My next trip to the U.S. will have Skinny Cow on the grocery list. Then we’ll have ourselves an ice cream sandwich off!

  • Why have I never tried that?

  • OK!

  • 🙂

  • No! If we did I would definitely have tried them. We sometimes buy an ice cream slab and cut slices to put between wafers, but it’s not the same thing at all.

  • Um…dude? I hate to break it to you but, we do have Skinny Cow here. At least, the IGA has it.

  • First I’ve ever heard of them is here on WWFC. But then, I’m very up to date on the Lo Cal scene.

  • Sounds like you should get into the ice cream sandwich import business!

  • Mikewj

    I’ll eat a round ice cream sandwich in a pinch, but they really ought to pass a law requiring them to be rectangular. They take up less room in the freezer, they’re easier to eat and they look more natural in your shorts.

  • Those are the same reasons why the Japanese invented square watermelons.

  • I had an ice cream sandwich today. It was rectangular and spectacular. Yum!

  • KZ

    I’m skeptical about most foods that come in brick form, but I think I’m with you on the ice cream sandwich thing, Mike.


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