Jepeto Got A New Cell Phone

Jepeto got a new cell phone and immediately hated it. This is his old cell phone.

old mobile phone, cell phone, mobile phone, nokia 6510

You've heard of a smart phone? This isn't even a dumb phone. Seriously. This is what happens when dumb phones breed.

He had it for over 6 years. I called it the prison phone. See, even after being fully charged, you only got 1 phone call. And a short call, at that. Short like “I didn’t do it, there weren’t any witnesses and for God’s sake, don’t tell Nicky!” Then silence. Followed by an unanswered “Hello?” and a string of French curse words.

So, he got a new phone. This is his new cell phone.

cellular phone, mobile phone, smart phone, lg gossip

Go ahead. Oooh and aaah at will. It's purty.

He started complaining right away about the teeny tiny, unreadable buttons. He followed that up with some whining about how he had to manually enter in all the phone numbers from his old phone. Then he bitched outright about how stupid the ringtones were.

I helpfully suggested he check out the ringtones available from the cell phone company’s site. I did this because I am a helpful person and not because I was trying to shut him up. Really. And just to prove the adage “No good turn goes unpunished” is just a load of crap,  he then spent an eternity bemoaning and mocking the selection of Beyonce ringtones available for purchase.

So, knowing full well what was going to happen , but knowing I had no other option, I told him he could record sounds with his cell phone and then use the recording as a ringtone. That’s right, you can record your own ringtones.

Has anybody ever seen the show Storage Wars? Here’s the abridged storyline: people bid on storage lockers at auction and then go through the stuff inside hoping to make back their money and then some. One of the usual bidders is a guy by the name of Dave Hester. Jepeto always expresses disdain for Dave when watching the show, but I think he secretly admires the man for being a hard-ass and a pain in the ass. This is Dave Hester’s signature bidding call:

So, can you guess what Jepeto’s new ringtone is?

Jepeto imitates Dave Hester

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Now, he loves the damn phone. He walks around playing the ringtone ALL the time! It’s making me crazy. Fine, crazier. Whatever.  But I’ve decided to mess with him. I recorded this when he wasn’t around and have just reprogrammed his ringtone.

Jepeto gets a new ringtone

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go make a phone call.

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  • I had Henry playing the slide whistle and harmonica as my ring and text tones for over a year, it was loud, annoying, and obnoxious, but I always new it was my phone ringing. I can email a few to you.

  • Jepeto

    Me like a lot. Yaille.

  • Shit!  You could’ve put a warning on that one.  I just played it full volume in fron5 or the satellite dish man.   Fortunately, he’s from some fuck all third world nation and it didn’t seem to register.  Either that or his feelings are really hurt. 

  • Hey Mom!  My 33rd birthday is next week and I still want a pony!  Can I have one if I kill Dad?

  • That would be AWESOME Madge!! I could load them into his phone when he’s not looking. I love it!! 🙂

  • Honey, Mommy loves you and will buy you anything you want, pony, diamonds, new house…you name it. Just kill Dad. NOW ’cause he’s making me CRAZY!!!

  • LOL!! Sorry about that Jayne!

    Glad you survived the move 🙂

  • Bwahaha!

    First of all my Dad had that same old phone. I was so glad when he finally got rid of it and upgraded.

    Second… I can’t even count the times one of my best friends and i have left each other a voicemail with just Dave Hester’s bidding call.

    I now have to find a way to steal her phone and see if I can set a new ringtone.

  • Any cellphone id good for me as long as I can call or text anytime.

  • Sigh. How I wish Jepeto was that easygoing!!

  • Leila, isn’t it the most embarrassing phone EVER?!

    I think Dave Hester might mysteriously disappear one day very soon. VERY soon!! Do you know A&E even sells t-shirts with Yep on them? Yeah, Jepeto wants one.

    If you do steal her phone, some other fun ringtones to record would be a baby crying, or a car honking. 🙂

  • KZ

    LOL that’s brilliant.  I’m sure my girlfriend would record something similar on my phone if she understood how to.

    Currently, my ringtone is the “Imagination Song” from South Park.  One might argue that my ringtone is just as annoying as the Dave Hester bidding call.

  • So, um, what’s Diana’s email address. No reason. Just curious. It’s not because I’m going to explain how to record a ringtone, I swear.

    One might argue that. One would also be wrong.

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  • Pingback: OPUS JEPETIUS » We Work For Cheese » Blog Archive()


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