Cheese Bacon

Everyone still likes the idea of cheese wrapped in bacon, right? How about….bacon wrapped in cheese??

Crazy, right? Yeah, totally off the rails!

Well the other day I was looking at cheese and not intending to buy any because THE PRICE OF CHEESE HAS GOTTEN WAY OUT OF HAND!

But then I spotted Apple Cider cheese and seeing how it’s October and all that, I felt like I better buy it now or it might disappear until next year, at which point I’ll probably have forgotten about it. So I bought it. Yeah. $6.64 for 0.128kg. Yes, That is $51.90/kg of cheese.

Let me Americanize the cost for you:

0.128kg = 0.282 lbs

Since the Canadian dollar is almost equal to the American dollar, that basically comes out to around $6.50 US for 0.282 lbs of cheese. That’s right. When it comes to the price of cheese, we’re being screwed. Prison style.

Anyhow, this Apple Cider cheese from kinda local cheese makes Les Dependances in St-Hubert is a semi-firm surface ripened cheese. Firm enough to slice thin, which was necessary for wrapping bacon in it. Does it look tasty or what? Super mild, but with a verrrry velvety texture. I would totally sleep in a cheese this velvety.
les dependances apple cider cheese

Then slice it thin. Real thin. During this time you’re also frying up some bacon. You know how to do that so I won’t show you. Again.
les dependances apple cider cheese thin slices
Then slice the bacon in halves, roll it up, secure with toothpicks, wrap the cheese on it (next time I need longer cheese slices).

Et voila:
bacon wrapped in apple cider cheese

They kind of ended up looking like those pigs in a blanket hors d’oeuvres things, which I guess they kind of are being cochon and all.

Was it good? Hell yeah.

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  • Cheese has gotten expensive (not that, that would stop me from buying it) But that is REALLY pricey cheese.  I hope it was SUPER delicious.

  • As you didn’t convert it for us in the UK I have – That’s £4.076 for 4.5 ounces?  It’s extortionate!

    The cheese wrapped bacon does look scrummy, but at that price I hope you went to heaven when you ate it!

  • So, Mike, like, I guess you cut the cheese then. Do you live alone?

  • It sounds like you’re becoming the Homer Simpson of bacon and cheese.

    Looks yummy, though!


  • Mikewj

    I’m moving to Montreal, or wherever it is that you Canadians live. Cheese-wrapped bacon sounds like my idea of heaven. Assuming they take credit cards in heaven. I can’t afford to pay actual money for that stuff anymore.

  • All I can say is YUM! 

  • I guess I did cut it, Dufe. This time though, there was more slicing of cheese. It makes it sound worse, I think.

  • It was crazy good. Like I said, very velvety and tasty. We’re quite screwed in Quebec for all dairy products actually. Even though we produce tons of it, we also have a dairy board that keeps the price high so that the farmers get their fair share. Or something like that. I think I have to research that aspect and write about it.

  • It IS extortionate and not fair in the least!

    It was very very good. But yeah, I will be making a trip NY state or Vermont soon and will stock up. Cheese is literally 1/3 of the price in the US.

  • That’s what I said too 🙂 I think this worked better than the cheese wrapped in bacon.

  • Don’t worry about the money, BonyMike. Come visit and the cheese is on me. Not literally of course. No. Bad image.

  • Seriously, if I’m not careful, I’ll have the gut to prove it.

  • Just don’t beer batter and deep fry them.  Oh, wait … that could be your own little versions of Cordon Bleu – you could call them CheesyMike’s Naughty Bits!


  • Jepeto

    You are a genius! Bacon WRAPPED with cheese! Copywrite/patent that mofo right now man! You’ll make Billions and buy Greece, then you`ll own Feta cheese and make more billions and then buy ze World! Hail Mike! 🙂

  • yes please. I’ll take three trays of that! 

  • Ok, but I’ll have to take out a second mortgage first. Damn you Price of Cheese!

  • Next up is Cheese/Bacon/Bacon/Cheese/Bacon/Bacon/Cheese/Cheese.

    It’s gonna be crazy.

  • You are definitely onto something there!

  • Right?!


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