Foiled Again

Has this ever happened to you?

unrolled aluminum foil

And then you try to roll it back the way it was?

you can never roll it up again

But you can’t, so you’re stuck with this mess. Forever.
damn it

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  • That happened to me with a pair of socks. I was never able to get them back into the drawer.

  • Sorry, that thing would go straight in the garbage can. Me no have patience for things like that.

  • Ever hear of tupperware?

  • It happens to us all the time.  I hate it when that happens too.  And the saran wrap type stuff is the same way.  Come to think of it, doesn’t this always happen to dental floss as well?  Annoying as all hell!

  • Let’s hope that’s the worst thing to happen to you today -it means you’re having a pretty good day.

  • Considering the wrinklidge in the first pic, it looks like you’ve done this more than once with this roll.  I just hate it when I do that with a roll of paper towels or toilet paper – they can run on forever!


  • P.S.  Happy (Belated) Birthday!

  • All the time, which is why it’s kept in a roll dispenser now 😉

  • OMG, yes! And just like your photo illustrates, the damn thing never looks or works the same! Grief. Same notion applies to anything in a roll: wax paper, toilet paper, and paper towels. The only one that’s safe if the Cling Wrap. It sort of makes us understand why clinging is sometimes a good thing! 🙂

  • Ahahahhaha! Yes! That has happened to me MORE THAN ONCE!

  • Great detective work, double o! I sort of had to reproduce the unraveling for the photo. I wasn’t going to write about it at all, and then said ‘what the hell’.

  • Thanks!

  • I admit that it is kind of a “first world problem” to have to deal with unwieldy aluminum foil.

  • Go on, I’m listening…

  • Never happened to me with dental floss? You don’t buy your floss “loose”, do you?

  • At the very least you could fashion a hat or a mask out of it.  Hmm…ideas for halloween are percolating.

  • A dispenser is a great idea, but I don’t use aluminum foil all that often. A dispenser for me will make buying aluminum foil feel like a commitment and I’m just not there yet.

  • The truth is, we only use it at Christmas – to cover the turkey and we use it from the box too. No idea what happened to our dispenser!

  • hahaha!

  • Yep, once it unrolls, it’s pretty much ruined, unless you can find some use for it. Also, it rolled on the floor, so…not gonna wrap food in that anytime soon!

  • It sucks! Toilet paper on the loose is equally annoying!

  • Why am I picturing a crazy pair of Jester socks?

  • Don’t even get me started on Toilet Paper!

  • The solution? Just pull off what came out and make a tin foil hat. It will protect you from the aliens!

  • Make yourself a tin man costume for halloween or wrap a gift in it – then you are only stuck with the mess until the next time you need gift wrap – better then the Sunday Funnies – and more festive!

  • Yep, and perfect for Halloween!

  • Exactly, and since it fell on the floor I won’t be using it to wrap food.

  • So um, did you forget to poke in the ends? A dowel through the box works great.

  • Four second rule applies…it’s still safe if you picked it up quickly.

  • Wait. Are you saying…?

    Ok, I just checked the box and OMG I never noticed that you could punch in the ends! You learn something new every day.


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