Mystery Signage

On my way to a party in the old part of the city last weekend, I spotted this mysterious sign painted on an old wall:

no admitance to strangers

No Admitance To Strangers...with one 't'

You grammar buffs might notice that “Admitance” is spelled with only one ‘t’. Aside from that, what kind of establishment was this sign referring to? The sign overlooks a parking lot, and if there was ever an entrance to be admitted through, it’s long gone.

The sign is also printed in English only, so it was probably posted way back before any of our language laws were in place.

Was it a bar? Or maybe an opium den? How would one go about becoming ‘not’ a stranger?

Who did you have to know to get in??

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  • Apparently you are not the only one whose attention (or should that be “atention”) this caught:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1119&bih=556&wrapid=tlif131874212454610&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi

  • I’m not allowed to tell you, stranger.

  • Or was it meant for people who might climb up the wall (like spider-man) to break into the window? 

  • Weird.  Now I really want to go there.  Climb up and look in the window, Mike!  Come on, you can do it.  You are studly with muscles.  I want to know what’s inside.

  • This is intriguing.  Raises a lot of questions….Maybe you should write below it….”I am Mike. I am no longer a stranger.  Can I be admited. (be sure to misspell  as he/she might feel that you are pointing out their error.)

  • I think the rest of the message has been wiped clean or sandblasted away. I suspect it said “Without A Lader”

  • Yep. I suspected that I wasn’t the first person to be intrigued by the sign.

  • Ah come on. Fess up if you know something!

  • You could be onto something, like, to gain entry, you need to misspell the passphrase. That way they’d know that you were “on the level”.

  • I think the location of the sign is a decoy. The mysterious entrance was probably sealed up or demolished. I must know what was there!

  • I can totally do that, but I suspect that there’s nothing but empty boring boxes beyond that window. Still, we need to check every corner of that area until I solve the mystery. Even if it means scaling brick walls.

  • With one ‘d’. Of course!

  • You mean “levil”, right?

  • Honey, wear the black turtleneck and the night vision goggles.  You look sexy in those.

  • Of coursse.

  • You didn’t say anything about pants, but I get it. No pants.

  • You know, you could wear those little bike shorts if it’s cold.  Those look good on you.

  • They do show off my muscular glutes, don’t they?

  •  Duh!  No kidding!  They are wonders of the world, Mike!

  • Hmm… I’m leaning more towards:  No one is allowed to enter through the window unless you are someone I know.  Strangers are required to knock on the door (which is apparently not on this side of the building…).  I guess there’s supposed to be a ladder here too.  (Or are you supposed to bring your own..?)

  • Oh I LOVE stuff like that!!!!  I love the mystery and the spelling as well…. And it was painted pretty neatly, so they had to have gone up on a ladder. WAY cool!

  • Or stairs! I’m holding to my theory that there was once a set of stairs leading up to some building that is no longer there.

  • That would be interesting: a place so exclusive, that you can only enter if you can find a way inside.

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t know, then you’re a stranger, stranger. I guess I won’t be seeing you there.

  • Do a guy a favour and put a good word in for me. I’d like to gain “admitance”.


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