Modern Love

Yes, Celine, my heart will go on.

I wanted to be the one to tell you all. I’m leaving Jepeto.

I guess I should explain. It all started a couple of months ago, when I had a bad dream about a beautiful, exotic girl.

Which, of course, led to me getting Skyped by the beautiful, exotic girl. It was my first time getting Skyped, and it was awesome. We Skyped for hours.

Getting Skyped was so much fun, I immediately found another beautiful girl willing to Skype me. And, again, it was wonderful. I walked around with a big goofy grin on my face for days afterwards.

But, as exciting as getting Skyped by these stunning beauties was, I wasn’t prepared to leave Jepeto as a result. I know that may seem hard to believe, but it’s true.

And then, just last week, everything changed. I didn’t find another beautiful girl who wanted to Skype me. No, instead, I was found by… well, I’m really not sure if she’s a she or a he, let alone if she/he is beautiful. I was found by Cater F. Ham. She/he sent me this message:

“The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul besides in my heart I feel you are a good woman I have something to share and I want you to be part of it. Please I know this is a strange request but feel free to add me in your chat list. Thanks a lot bye for now”

Seriously, how could I resist? Such passion, such sensitivity, such an idiot to believe I am a good woman!

woman with suitcase, luggage, travelling woman

Bye-bye Jepeto! Don't be sad, one day you too will meet a Cater F. Ham of your own!




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