gems, precious stones

My precious. Now someone please shove me into the fiery depths of Mordor. Or bring me Vigo Mortenson. Whichever.

I am surrounded by jewels. Square cut rubies, multifaceted sapphires, round emeralds, amethysts, yellow diamonds… they rain down upon me as I race to match them up.

No matter how many times I line up the topaz, the diamonds, the pearls, they rain down. Sometimes, I line up so many they explode around me, and yet still they rain down.

In case you think I’ve lost my mind, let me assure you, I have.

I started playing Bejeweled on Facebook. Now I can’t stop. One more reason I hate Facebook. Like I needed another reason.

If they introduce car games, I may have to kill myself.





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  • These days I only play Texas Hold ‘Em on Facebook. But I just downloaded Raging Thunder for my phone. 

  • Mikewj

    Best. Post. Ever.

  • Sadly I knew exactly what you were talking about. No, I’ve never been addicted, but I’ve been warned by Wayne that such an addiction would create strife between us…because apparently he wants to spend time with me…sheesh…

  • I’m also pretty hooked on Bejewelled.  I play it so much some days that when I go to bed and close my eyes, I still see the damn jewels.  And I can’t sleep.  Then I know it’s time to switch back to Tetris.

  • OMG! Me too!! I dream about it. How do we make it stop?!

  • Stupid husbands always wanting to spend time with us! Don’t they realize how many things we have pulling at us all the time? Blogging, Bejeweled, reading blogs, Bejeweled, blogging… there’s never enough time and they just want more. Sigh.

  • Best. Comment. Ever. 🙂

  • I don’t want to know!! *covers ears* I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you… nah nah nah nah nah nah nah.

  • If I were God…

    You are better than this.
    Deep breath
    step back



  • OK, so now you have to join the race to the top of the leader board.  I warn you, Kathy likes to be at the top 🙂

  • Maybe there’s a 12-step program for Bejewelled-a-holics.

  • Oh snap!! Welcome to the dark side! I have been addicted to Bejeweled Blitz for a while. But, I’ve NEVER been able to surpass Babs or Kathy!

  • Oh hells bells, Nicky.  I’m not even going to look and see what this game is.  I have my fingers in my ears and my eyes blindfolded.  Bejazzled is not going to be my new game.  Not now.  Not ever.

  • Wasn’t that a 70s song by Sweet? Or a defensive football move? Or maybe both? http://youtu.be/qswKeWhjaUc Now who else comments with a pic AND a video?

  • I appreciate the vote of confidence God, but I’m really not better than this. I’m actually a lot worse than this. Now I’m going outside. 🙂

  • Leader board? Competition?! Oh no, Babs! What have you done?! Now I’ll never stop playing!!!

  • Oh, I hope so! Hello, my name is Nicky…

  •  Now I have to beat Kathy’s high score! It’s all her fault I’m an addict!! All her FB comments about how addictive Bejeweled is… I was a moth to the flame! 🙂

  • See, that’s why I love you! You are a smart woman 🙂

  • Dammit, Dufus! That was 2 minutes I could have spent playing Bejewel…

    Oh. Wait. Thank you, my friend.

  • I’m with God on this one.  You’re too bright and talented to be wasting your time on online games.  Think of all that wonderful writing you could be doing.   

  • Good Luck beating Kathy. She’s always in the 600,000 range!

  • Aw, thanks, Jayne. Ok, it’s too late to promise I won’t play today but I promise not to play AT ALL tomorrow. AND I’ll write something.

  • I’ve never played Bejeweled. Since I have an addictive personality anyways I may just have to wait until after the holidays. Damn…

  • Don’t do it, Annie! I tell you, I used to be a (sort of) normal person and now I am Gollum. I bit off my kid’s finger because he wanted to play.

  • Jepeto

    I hate not ONE but TWO giant 20pounds burgers at Cheeburger Cheeseburger and i even had cake afterwards.

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  • Best. i like it!

  • i like online games


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