There were strange lights in the night sky for the last couple of months. Spots of white light could be seen dancing off the clouds which could be seen from miles away. UFOs? That’s what I thought (though not really) when I saw four beams of light shooting across the sky from my backyard.

So we investigate.

From Mount Royal Park it kind of looked like this. Not a great photograph, but that’s what happens when you take pictures from a phone. And it’s night. And you haven’t figured out the camera settings yet.

Anyway, it’s pretty obvious where they’re coming from. Let’s go closer.

spotlights montreal

There were tons of spotlights. Moving randomly and crisscrossing everywhere:
spotlights mayor street

It turns out that it’s part of a gigantic art installation called Intersection articulée. Architecture relationnelle 18. It’s by Mexican artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and it’s interactive so you can grab a lever and control one of these powerful spotlights yourself.

spotlights place des festivals

The pics don’t do the lights any justice. In person the beams are sharp and powerful and impressive in their scope. Yep. 10000 watts per beam.

So yeah, if you come to Montreal, you can see them!

Wait, what?

The exhibition ended this week!?

Ok well, there’s always the video:

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