Pickled Cheese Part 1

I might be taking one for the team here, but after Googling “pickled cheese” today, I found an easy enough recipe that does just that. In just one day. It’s really more of a marinade, but hey, if they call it pickled, it must be that.

Feta cheese (enough to fill the jar)
4-5 springs of Thyme
White wine vinegar (enough to top up the jar)
1 tsp honey

Let’s start with a small jar. If this thing goes south you probably want to work with an amount that can be easily flushed.
canning jar feta cheese

We’re going to make layers: 1 layer feta, 1 layer of thyme. Until the jar is full.

Thyme looks like this:
sprig of thyme

Great. Almost done!
layers of feta and thyme

In a separate bowl, mix together a teaspoon of honey with the white wine vinegar. Do it until the honey is dissolved. Or not. I really have no idea what will happen otherwise.

Pour in the mix until the jar is topped off. Add some more white wine vinegar if you need to.

There…I’m not sure what we just made but you should now put it in the fridge for 1 day. Come back later in the week when we crack this baby open and either devour it or pour it into the waiting maw of the porcelain demon.

feta thyme honeyed white wine vinegar

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  • That looks like a kid’s science project for micro-pathogens.  🙂

  • Why, Mike? Why?

  • I think the one on the bottom smiled at me.

  • oh, oh, oh!

    this is exciting.

  • I’m with you. I think he’s gonna tell you “because”.

  • I really like feta cheese but I’m voting for the porcelain demon, otherwise known as driving the big white bus in my younger years.

  • Am I the only one that thinks this is going to be yummy?  I can hardly wait for you to tell us how it tastes.

  • I have a feeling that is going to taste INCREDIBLE! 

  • I’m still a little scared, but I sure hope it works!

  • I’ve decided to leave it until thursday. It was pretty late when I put it together, so I figure a full day and a half should be fine. Getting curious myself!

  • For science!

  • There’s always a reason, and like I said to Nicky, that reason is: for science!

  • Yep, and here’s hoping it doesn’t end up tasting like one 🙂

  • The pressure’s building! Literally!

  • It was more of a sneer.

  • I have high hopes.

  • Yep, where both hands are needed to steer. That bus rides on a very bumpy road.

  • If you like it, you can call it “Fermented Feta” and make a fortune.  The only thing I think is that it sounds kind of repulsive to me to marinate cheese.  Maybe you could have added some ginger and hot sauce to liven it up.

  • See, I feel the same way since I have “issues” with wet cheese. BUT, I make an exception for feta which is why I think there may be some potential here.

    Stay tuned!

  • I have to say that ‘wet’ cheese does not appeal to me, but I’ve been told that feta cheese is not very nice anyway, so pickling it may improve things a bit.

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