Pickled Cheese Part 2 – The Verdict

When last we spoke I was experimenting with a curious Pickled Cheese recipe. As I previously mentioned, it’s more of a marinade, but since marinated Cheese doesn’t have much of a ring to it, Pickled Cheese it is.

So. This is what we had marinating in the fridge for two days:
feta and thyme in honeyed white wine vinegar

I carefully opened the jar, which opened quite easily. Since this isn’t real pickling there was no pressure buildup.

pickled marinated feta cheese

This is cheese. Not the Parthenon or the Acropolis.

Next, I carefully arranged our transformed feta cheese into a pattern not unlike those relics found in ancient Greece and beyond. The Parthenon with its ruins of Doric columns laying about come to mind.

Before tasting a piece, I grabbed the phone and dialed 9-1. This way I’d only need to dial “1” in the event that  I ended up poisoning myself.

But you know what?

It worked. It really did!

Thanks to the white wine vinegar, the feta firmed up even more. Except now it had a sweet and fragrant taste. Not vinegary in the least. I finished what was on the plate.



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