While Waiting For Feta To Ferment

So, while we’re waiting for Mike to get back to us on the wonder that is pickled cheese, I thought I’d share with you a very profound realization I had yesterday.

I was watching a show called American Pickers. Two guys, Mike and Frank, drive around America in their truck, stopping in at people’s homes to “pick” through their stuff, looking for antiques and collectibles.

mike wolfe, frank fritz

Two pretty ordinary guys, right?

So, I’m watching them. And they end up at a house that has all kinds of tunnels under it where the owner, known as the “Mole Man”, keeps his “collectibles”.

mole man house, tunnels

This was the house from the outside.

Don’t worry. It gets much better inside the house. That’s where Mike and Frank start going through Mole Man’s collection.

mole man, collectibles, clutter

See that little metal thing over there on the left? Right there next to the blue plastic thing and partially covered by the greyish yellowish papery thing. See it? Me neither.

I “picked” the above images from the clutter on the Internet, which, unfortunately, was stacked up so high that when I opened the Internet, it all came crashing down on my head and then I couldn’t find the websites anymore.

In any case, as they were picking through Mole Man’s “collectibles”, I had an epiphany. I realized the difference between “collectors” and “hoarders” is the number of dead cats you find.

RIP, headstone, cemetary, pet cemetary

Are you reading this, Lola? See what happens to cats who try to kill people?

Now, go. Spread the word.



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