Can Somebody Please Tell Me…

I’ve been really busy lately. Busy doing what? I dunno. I have managed to avoid playing Bejeweled for the past 4 days. Well, 2 days, really. Then I fell off the wagon yesterday. But I haven’t played at all today. So that makes 3 days in all.

In any case, I wasn’t spending ALL my time playing Bejeweled. But I wasn’t preparing for the holidays either. I have about a dozen to 15 people to buy gifts for and I have exactly 1 gift.

Was I busy shopping for the perfect gift for Jake’s 18th birthday or preparing for a huge birthday bash? Nope. I took the advice of my highly intelligent readers and spent 30 seconds writing out a check to the boy. No birthday bash; as per Jake’s wishes, we went out for supper and then came home for cake. A cake, I might add, that I BOUGHT and didn’t make myself.

So yeah, what the hell have I been doing with myself? Can somebody please tell me? Anybody? Because I really need to know what has kept me so busy that it’s taken me 4 days to answer 3 emails. So busy that I haven’t written a post in 4 days.

So busy that I kept forgetting to make this child an appointment for a haircut.

boy with long hair, hair in face, brown hair

Seriously. Nobody is THAT busy. Somebody smack me.

Sigh. Think he’ll get shoved into a locker much if I just stick a bowl on his head and start cutting?

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