Happy Winter Solstice!



Wow, is it December 21st already? That means that today is the Winter Solstice aka The First Day of Winter aka Me!

Now that it’s really Winter’s season, I’ll see what I can do about the lack of snow. I know, some cities feel neglected. But you know what? I’ve been super busy with Winternet dating and to be honest, I haven’t really been thinking too hard about snow coverage. However, I have met plenty of flakes!

Get it?! FLAKES?!? ahahahhahahahhaha…

Anyway, I’m sure it’ll happen soon enough, and before you know it everyone will hate me again and wish that I would just morph back into that nasty Spring bitch.

Now I gotta get back to my Winternet dating and all them hot and cold seasonal babes. After all today might be the shortest day of the year, but it’s also the longest night if you catch my drift.

Get it?!? Drift? Like, snow drift?

This thing writes itself.

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  • Winter!  I’m so glad to see you.  I hate that stupid “Fall” with a passion.  Everything dying and everybody saying how “pretty” all that dying stuff is.  You are more like me.  Cold, hard, and proud of it!  I’m very happy you are here.  Plus, it means it’s almost my birthday!  I love my birthday and I love presents.  If you like, you could leave me a little sparkly snow for the occasion.  You did that one time, the year I turned 16.  A neighbor guy with a Porshe took me up a hill so we could slide down on garbage can lids.  It was such fun.  I think he was 19 and really cute.  But that’s all I remember about it.  Oh, and the snow, of course.  I loved the snow.  I had seen it before but never in San Francisco.  What a thrill for my birthday!  Do it again please!!!

  • Hi winter!  Sadly you only gave us a slight dusting a week or so back. We haven’t had any real snow and don’t think you’ll be around any time soon either.  Last year you gave us so much that we were housebound for weeks and this year? Nothing!

    I don’t want as much as last year, but just a little would be nice. Pretty please?

  • I’ll see what I can do, but I may have used up all my “storm credits” last year. For the UK at least.

    You did ask nice, sooo….

  • Fall is pretty overrated anyway. Always showing off with his stupid colour and leaves flying all over the place. Not to mention those lead gray skies. He sucks!

    Now about your request. It’s kind of a tall order, but considering how “The” Nino has really fucked up the currents this year, I may be able to do it. And by may be able to do it, I mean, the odds are pretty slim. Happy early birthday though!

    That Nino has really screwed things up.

  • I was so excited for winter solstice. Time sure flies… The day flew right by, as if it was the shortest day of the year.

  • If that were any cornier it would show up in your stool

    (sorry, couldn’t help it.  Carry on.)

  • Uhm, Winter, Mam, one little question.  Why do you show your boobs so low in the drawing.  You know and I know that’s not the case.

  • Jepeto

    Get me a cold one Wint! Get it? Cold one! GET IT!

  • Are you talking about my eyes?

    Are you saying my eyes look like boobs??

  • Uh…Santa? You look just like this dude I know.

  • That would be pretty hilarious considering I crap blizzards.

    “hey….these aren’t ice pellets…!”

  • Oh my goodness, I feel so dumb.  It is your eyes!  I thought it was your lovely perky boobs and I just could understand why you drew them over your feet since that is not where they are located at all!  Your eyes are lovely, but that little knot on top of the drawing looked like a head to me.  I’m so sorry Madam Winter.  Forgive me!
    But wait! You have whiskers! Naw! That I do not believe for a moment.

  • I get it! On the rocks?

    Get it?! Ice? Rocks?

  • Mikewj

    You may or may not be interested to know that I was born on Dec. 22, the first day of winter in 2011 and the longest night/shortest day. So whatever.

  • Well Happy Birthday, young man! Considering you’re 1 day old, you’re quite eloquent and mature.

    Winter is such a fantastic season to be born into, I urge you to enjoy every moment of it. Frankly, I got so excited about the first day of me this year, that I announced it a day early. Oh well.


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